3 Interiorscape Design Trends in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is always looking for new ways to create an unforgettable guest experience. Design tends to go in trends based on what worked well for industry leaders. Lately, hotels are working on blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, adding greenery to their spaces, and offering guests riveting, multi-sensory experiences through innovative art pieces. Let’s explore some popular design trends, and examples of this work done really well.


3 Interiorscape Design Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Biophilic Design: A Celebration of the Physical and Mental Health Nature Brings

Biophilic design is a trend in interiorscape design that celebrates the long-standing harmony between people and plants. Plants have been proven to produce emotional stability and calm just by their quiet presence. This effect is just part of what gave birth to the trend of biophilic design in the hospitality industry. For a prime example of this trend at work, look to the 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. The 1 Hotel features lavish green hallways decorated with real preserved moss, succulent and cacti arrangements in the rooms, and an exuberant use of mini indoor gardens.


3 Interiorscape Design Trends in the Hospitality Industry

An Optimal Experience Brought to Lobbies and Restaurant Dining Rooms

There was a time when lobbies, and to a lesser extent, hotel dining rooms, were simpler than they are now. However, the rise of remote work thanks to portable devices and WiFi means that lobbies have taken on new dimensions. For one thing, guests are spending far more time in them. This means that hospitality designers are looking for ways to help hotels keep their interior design and atmosphere consistent in these spaces. For a perfect example of this, look at this gallery of photos from the Faena hotel, a luxury hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. You’ll see well-chosen large palm plants and an ingenious use of figurines and preserved moss to bring a unique character to every surface.


3 Interiorscape Design Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Indoor Gardens: A Hospitality Design Trend to Bring Peace to Interiorscapes


An increasing amount of research is revealing the positive psychological effects of gardens. Hospitality design trends are always intended to feel like home, but with an elevated twist. Gardens have a certain universality to them. People all over the world cultivate plants, so mini-indoor gardens are offer familiar vibes to the multitude of guests that come through the doors of a hotel or resort.

How to Learn More About the Latest Design Trends, and How to Bring Them to Your Location


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