5 Exotic House Plants That Will Stand Out in Any Room

5 Exotic House Plants That Will Stand Out in Any Room

The beauty of using plants to decorate your home is that the opportunities to express yourself are as rich as the variety of plants in the natural world. You can add texture, life and color to any room in your house. Humans have an ancient connection with the natural world that will translate into a feeling of energetic peace in your living space.

For inspiration, let’s take a look at some of the work that Plant the Future has done for residential locations in the past. Browse through Plant the Future’s gallery of work at the 1 Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. You’ll see purple flowering hanging orchids, cacti and succulents sitting in artful, natural planters, and large-scale moss wall and mural installations. Let’s look at some exotic plants that can elevate your indoor environment.

1. Pothus Totem

Create a tropical oasis in your living space by adding a Jade Pothos Totem Floor plant, a simple and very hardy indoor plant. The plant can survive in medium light but does well in bright, indirect lighting situations. You can expect the leaves to grow about 16”-18″ long and 10-12″ wide.

2. Cereus Peruvianus

Few living plants better embody calm, simple, resilient beauty than the Cereus Peruvianus cactus. A simple, vertical-shaped cacti that grow tall with a simple, architecturally edgy look.  This plant is low maintenance, needing water only about once a month. It is best used in contemporary residential living spaces as well as public spaces such as hotel lobbies, lounges, etc.

3. Staghorn Fern

If you choose to buy a Staghorn Fern, you can be confident it will brighten any location where it has been left to hang and grow. The staghorn fern needs medium to high light and good air circulation. The plant is known for projecting a distinct sense of peace and calm that sets it apart from other air plants. These plants work well when used in odd numbers (ones, threes, and fives).

4. Kokedama

This squat little plant is perfect for coffee tables, end tables, and room corners. The Kokedama is created using the ancient Japanese art of binding plants into moss balls to create a green, growing orb of natural life.

5. Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree)

For good fortune and positive energy, what’s better than adding a Money Tree to your interior design? This tree’s luscious green hue will energize any room, and according to Feng Shui, offer good luck and fortune. These braided trees are similar to Bonsais, and ideal for any office, studio, or work desk.

How to Learn About More Options for Indoor Plants with Help from Plant the Future

Not only do exotic plants let you express your creativity; you get to infuse your environment with fresh, oxygen-rich air as well. You and your family will feel the energizing effects of this, as well as the positive energy that plants naturally radiate. 

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