5 Unique Tabletop Plants for Coffee Tables

5 Unique Tabletop Plants for Coffee Tables

Decorating a coffee table is a chance to place all of your passions front and center for company to see. You can display your passion for preserving, protecting and celebrating the natural world with a unique tabletop plant on your coffee table. The reason plants work so well is that they give both you and your guests a way to develop a positive emotional connection with space. Human beings have depended on plants for nourishment and shelter since the dawn of time. Let’s explore how a unique plant on your coffee table can help you create a truly special and welcoming atmosphere in your space.


1. Rose Quartz Garden: A Masterpiece of Plant Life and Mineral Beauty

This rose quartz garden is the ideal way to infuse any space with peace, positivity and an intimate connection. Rose quartz is associated with awareness of the heart chakra- the energy that lets people give and receive pure love, and find balance in life, both essential elements of a positive living room.

2. Germany Round Small with Succulent: Sophistication Meets Natural Power

One of the best aspects of the Germany Round Succulent Garden is its power to integrate with the most elegant of room designs. The clean lines of the bowl, the smooth white pebbles, and the subtle colorations of the succulent leaves all make it ideal for coffee tables in apartments of all kinds no matter where you live.

3. Kokedoma Large Plumosa: The Elegance of Japanese Botanical Traditions

Plumosa’s make the perfect unique coffee table plant for lovers of Japanese botanical traditions. Created by a careful weaving together of multiple plants, these airy plants are an organic way to add a feeling of lively, lightweight energy to your space.

4. Miami Sphere Large Black Money Tree: Peaceful, Prosperous Energy for Your Coffee Table

In the tradition of Feng Shui, Money Trees bring good luck and fortune to all of those around them. These braided trees are similar to a Bonsai, and ideal for any coffee table, desk, or cabinet.

5. Sweden Vase – Coral Cactus: A Unique Coffee Table Plant with an Aquatic Feeling

The coral cactus is particularly well named. This distinct plant looks as if it grew underwater. This is an incredible way to add a unique accent to your coffee table with minimal effort. The plant is so resilient that even someone brand new to caring for plants will be able to take care of this piece easily.

Learn More About Unique Coffee Table Plants with Guidance from Biophilic Art and Design Experts

If you are enthused by the options you have seen coffee table plants or want to know more about the design theory and maintenance requirements of these plants, Plant the Future is here to help. We love helping people connect with the beauty of plants through everything from small, personal pieces to large-scale installations. 

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