Air Plant Display- 3 Original Uses of Tillandsias

Air Plant Display- 3 Original Uses of Tillandsias

The Tillandsias makes an excellent plant to work with when you are planning out your location’s interior design. These plants have been prepared by Mother Nature to thrive in a diverse range of environments. Common in South America, the Southern US and the West Indies, these plants are known to grow in dry and rocky regions, lush, swampy areas, and in high-elevation places like mountains. This has made them an excellent choice for interior design because they are so robust.

Here are a few ways that you can use these remarkable plants to decorate your home, business, or place of work. The tillandsias are commonly referred to as air plants for interior design. Here are some of the most original ways you can use this type of plant.

Creative and Original

Airplant Designs:
Horse Small Walking – Juncea Airplants

Air plants make for remarkable visuals because their foliage is suspended. A creative person might look at the bounce in an air plant and envision someone with a full head of hair with plenty of body and lift. That quality is imagined as a horse air plant piece created by sisters Paloma and Chu Teppa.


See Life in All Growing Things: Munny Small Rockstar – Large Juncea Airplants

Kid Robot and Paloma Teppa collaborated to turn airplants into a rockin’ head of hair for this figurine. The growth of plants out of this figure’s head has so many positive connotations. It suggests pure, natural, creative, flourishing thoughts. Between that the sense of humor inherent in the piece, this makes a playful addition to any space.

Remember to think Green: Munny Small Mohawk – Small Juncea Airplants

Lighten up the mood of any room with this iconic and comical mohawk figurine. Its rebellious mohawk makes this little statue look like a warrior sworn to protect the natural world from damage. It is an energetic piece that humanizes the natural world and reminds us to think green.

General Maintenance Notes for Your Air Plants: Sunlight and Water Requirements

Put these plants in well-lit rooms near windows or doorways where they are likely to acquire a good deal of sunlight. You can use a spray bottle to water down these plants evenly and lightly once a month or so. It really doesn’t take much to make these plants flourish, just give it a little love and it will love you back.

Learn More About Displaying and Caring for Indoor Air Plants

Let us here at Plant the Future give you a sense of the range of options you have when it comes to decorating your home with interior art. If you like airplants, we can help you find those. 

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