Artistic Terrariums to Decorate South Florida Homes

Artistic Terrariums to Decorate South Florida Homes

Terrariums offer any living environment a wealth of natural beauty simply because they hold such a variety of organic forms. Terrariums are harmonious gatherings of plants, soil, stones, and sand that live together in a little world. They are symbols of the peace one finds in nature, and in them, we see examples of an integrated and peaceful coexistence among different creatures. This makes them the ideal artistic piece to bring into your home or to give as a gift. Let’s explore some beautiful terrariums to decorate your home in South Florida.

Half Moon Large White Terrarium: Experience the Beauty of the Natural World Combined with the Healing Power of Crystals

This gorgeous, self-contained desert ecosystem features clear apophyllite crystal. This remarkable crystal is considered a window into other universes. It can bring people closer together, and offer inter-dimensional awareness, offering a touch point with the divine energy that flows through the natural world. When you have this crystal in your space, you fill your environment with spiritual purity, energy, and clarity, which is perfect for meditation or focused work.

Half Moon-Shaped Small Black Terrarium: Simple, Elegant, Colorful and Serene

This small, half-moon shaped terrarium is an enchanting desert ecosystem features an incredible collection of cacti, succulents, soil, gravel, and rocks. One of the most beautiful aspects of this terrarium is the fact that each one is unique. As no two plants grow exactly alike, you get a personalized experience from every single terrarium. See if you prefer, explore the half moon terrarium in white.

Fishbowl Medium White Terrarium: An Organic, Spherical Aesthetic for Any Setting

This fishbowl terrarium taps into the natural power and energy of spherical shapes. Featuring a beautiful collection of cacti with green stalks, pink flowering shapes, smooth stones, and layered sand, and a classic shape that protects it from curious children and pets.

A Few Notes on Caring for Terrariums: Sunlight, Water, and Placement

These terrariums like to be kept near windows or doorways. You should avoid placing them in direct sunlight because the convex glass in the bowls can act like a magnifying glass that can burn the plants. To water them, grab a spray bottle and spray 45 times towards the bottom of the plants, being careful to distribute the water as evenly as you can.

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