Botanical Art Designed by a Miami Artist

Botanical Art Designed by a Miami Artist

Botanical art is a wonderfully creative addition to any space. It’s so interesting to see objects that fuse together natural and hand-made beauty. In terms of creating a peaceful environment for your interior design, botanical art can bring about the same serene sensation as a garden. Botanical art is more than simply the plant and the pot you see. It’s an entire statement and atmosphere. That’s true on a molecular level. The plant in the presentation gives off oxygen, the life-giving molecule humans need when they inhale.

Humans, by contrast, exhale carbon dioxide, which plants need to survive. Oxygen-rich air makes any room a more pleasant place to be. When people have an oxygen-rich environment, they feel happy, energetic, and alert. That means that a few plants could be just the thing you need for your office or home study. Oxygen also helps you sleep better, which means that a piece of botanical art can be a great addition to a bedroom as well. Beyond the biological benefits of botanical art, humans have an ancient connection to green plant life. We have always lived near trees, bushes, and shrubs. When you combine natural beauty with an artistic presentation, you celebrate our planet and every living thing in it. If you’re in Miami, you help out the earth when you choose local artists for your supply of botanical plants.

Fun Botanical Art With A Fresh Twist:
Munny Giant with Orchids

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “botanical art”? Do you imagine the high, manicured hedges of a country mansion? We offer you something much more visually accessible. For this Munny Giant with Orchids, Paloma Teppa has collaborated with Kid Robot to produce a hero for Plant the Future with a beautiful orchid garden in his head. Because no two plants are exactly alike, no two of these figures are identical either. These plants work best indoors because they should not be planted in direct sunlight. They are simple enough to water as well.

Classic Indoor Plants for Any Room:
Garden Gnome

Ever since humans have been decorating their lawns, gnomes have been a beloved character to add to any garden. They add an element of magic and mischief to any scenery. They need no explanation, updating, modification or introduction. Here at Plant the Future, we wanted to pay homage to the classic garden gnome while giving it our own twist. In our garden gnome piece, the cheerful, rugged, gnome stands on a bed of moss, protecting the nature he loves so well. He also holds an air plant. While the moss is preserved, the air plant needs watering and will thrive with hydration.

Animal Figurines for Your Gardens and Plants:
The Fox

Foxes are swift, agile and alert creatures. They are animals with a significant amount of character that have taken on various types of symbolism in different cultures. In China, the fox meant a message was being sent from the afterlife. In Celtic culture, the fox was a symbol of wisdom because it knew the woods so well. Plant the Future’s Fox looks like an alert guard of natural beauty.

Learn More About Indoor Botanical Art

Botanical art can help you add life and color to your room and oxygen to your atmosphere. It’s a fantastic way to remind yourself, and anyone else present in the room of the beauty of the natural world, and that happens whether the plants are living or preserved. 

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