Fun Air Plant Arrangements for an Upscale Home Decor

Fun Air Plant Arrangements for an Upscale Home Decor

Air plant arrangements are an excellent way to add a feeling of lightweight, lively energy to your home decor. Airplants are a fun because their bouncy, lightweight nature makes them excellent for a number of fun design options such as figurine planters and other arrangements. Adding playful elements like these can enliven the mood anywhere in your home.

Juncea Airplants- Munny Mini Mohawk- A Fun, Attention-Grabbing Planter Option

This Iconic Munny Mini Mohawk Air Plant figurine is remade into a cult hero charged with the duty of protecting the beauty that is all around us. Rather than a regular garden on its head, the plants are arranged like a mohawk. It reminds us that no matter what your origins are or what your appearance may be, everyone has the duty of keeping the world around us healthy and alive. All you have to do is spray this little fella down thoroughly once or even better twice per week followed by a quick wipe down of the figurine.

A Fun Option for Indoor Decor: Munny Small Rockstar – Large Juncea Airplants

For an even more dramatic look, the Munny Small Rockstar has an air plant that looks like a tall head of hair on a rockstar. Comical additions to your rooms of this kind will improve the overall mood and atmosphere of your room.

Ionantha Airplant – Mini-Munny Mohawk

For a smaller arrangement that will deliver a similar effect, consider the Mini-Munny Mohawk Ionantha Airplant, which won’t take up quite so much space, and may work better on a window sill or some other small nook or cranny. Like the other air plant figurines, this unique planter comes with a simple maintenance routine that makes it fit well into any home cleaning routine. Place it near a door or a window, spray with a bottle about twice per week and wipe down the planter to keep it clean.

Learn More about Botanical Art and Effective Home Decor

After serving as artistic consultants, creators and installation technicians for environments ranging from luxury hotel lobbies to cafe walls, gardens and more, Plant the Future is confident we can offer you botanical artwork that will create the type of environment that will make you feel the serene sense of peace and comfort that everyone deserves in their home environment. If you would like to learn more about design options, we would be happy to answer your questions. 

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