Greenery Wall Decor: Interiorscape Inspiration

Greenery Wall Decor: Interiorscape Inspiration

Even the simplest piece of wall decor can become special when you use the unique medium of plant life. Humans are naturally designed to be around green environments, we have a deep emotional connection to such spaces. The right wall decor can create a space similar to the sense of peace you may feel while sitting in a quiet garden. Let’s look a few pieces that can transform your indoor space, whether it be a private residence, a business such a restaurant or hotel, or any other location into an interiorscape that will soothe and engage any occupant.

Explore plant the future’s work in the beautiful 1 Homes of Miami Beach. We brightened these spaces with fern wall installations, vertical gardens, terrariums, tabletop arrangements, and lavish, hanging orchids. Let’s look at a selection of pieces inspired by the style and feeling of this project.

1. Germany Boat Garden: A Mini-World of Life, Color and Texture

These Germany Boat Gardens are rich with pink, yellow, orange and green color tones, and purple, lightweight leaves. This is an incredible choice for a centerpiece because it looks fantastic and new when viewed from any angle. People put them on dressers, end tables, and coffee tables to make any room pop.

2. Add a Lightweight and Tropical Feeling to Your Space with a Milano Feeling

The narrow blades of the leaves of this Milano call to mind airy, open spaces and tropical vacations. They are perfect for adding a refreshing, energetic atmosphere to your business, firm, agency, home, gym, spa or any location. The clean white pot is simple enough to integrate into a variety of design concepts. The smooth, rounded people in the pot contrast with the pointed, narrow leaves of the plant.

3. Spread Peace, Positivity, and a Celebration of Life with These Block Letters

These moss designs are unlike anything else on the market, and they provide you an opportunity to be expressive in absolutely any environment. Whether you use these LOVE letters to freshen up your bedroom, living room, hallway, or even the entryway to your place of work, you’ll get a low-maintenance piece of bright greenery that works anyway. Make a bold and positive declaration anywhere you  decide to place this display.

How to Learn More about Interiorscape Inspiration and Indoor Greenery

Indoor greenery is an incredible way to upgrade the entire dynamic of your space. Greenery and plant life connects with people on a deep emotional level. These quiet creatures are inherently connected to positivity. Whether you need a centerpiece popping with a variety of colors, a streamlined plant that can integrate into any environment, or a positive message written in preserved moss, we believe we can be of service. 

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