How to bring biophilia to your garden

How to bring biophilia to your garden

Sometimes it feels like outdoor décor is only about a great landscaping and a pool. However, we think there is more room to express yourself and find peace than what you would think. It is only a matter of paying closer attention to how you decorate your garden and the elements that go into it.

For this reason, we want to give you a few suggestions on how you can further incorporate biophilic design into your garden design.

Animal planters

Biophilic design is not only about including plants into your home, but rather, a broader style of interior and exterior design. It is about including natural shapes, sounds and elements. For this reason, animal planters are perfect to remind you of the grandiosity of nature and bring its peace into your space. At Plant The Future we offer different animal planters that come in varying sizes and animal shapes, ranging from gorillas, to goats, roosters and everything in between. Build a garden with your favorite plants and enjoy its beauty in your backyard. 

Feather rock

These rocks not only are incredibly beautiful for its texture and shapes, but their symbolism is strong and profound. It forms according to the raw, wild energy of fire and after being under intense pressure, lava rocks contain the DNA of the earth. We use these rocks also as planters for cacti, succulents and many different plants that give it a tropical greenery. 

Mixing materials and plants

Biophilic design is about mixing different natural elements that include sounds, visuals, smells, and so on. Mixing different materials bring different energies into your space, amplifying the benefits of biophilia as a whole. Incorporate wooden planters, porcelain figurines, cacti, succulents and green, leafy plants to create your dream garden with the best energy. 

Keep a theme

Having a garden that has variety of plants and is low-maintenance is easy. Just pick a theme. Have it be tropical, or arid, and fill your garden with beautiful bromeliads or strong cacti and succulents. By keeping plants that have similar needs, you can bundle the tasks. On the other hand, if you were to use different types of plants, you would have more work. Instead, create a space where they all have similar requirements in terms of food, water and times, making it easier for you, by bundling up the tasks.

Plant the Future is a biophilic design studio that aims to bring people closer to nature. We offer different products and services, ranging from moss and living walls, to floral arrangements and art with plants. Another service we provide is creating custom projects tailored to your space and needs.


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