Indoor Plants for Luxury Apartments

Indoor Plants for Luxury Apartments

The right indoor plant can make or break a luxury apartment. Great indoor plants improve the lives of the people around them. The truth is, plants and humans have a give and take relationship. We’re meant to live in the vicinity of each other. This is because humans breathe in oxygen, and give off carbon dioxide. Plants do exactly the opposite. That means that not only do they freshen the air for us, we freshen the air for them. When the air becomes more oxygen-rich, people are actually healthier and in a better mood. Oxygen-rich air helps people feel more alert when they are awake, and it helps them sleep better at night.

Elegant Indoor Plants For Decorating Luxury Apartments: Milano Cylinder- Jade Pothos Totem

Turn your luxury apartment into a tropical oasis filled with green fanning leaves, and naturally fresh air using this plant. The Jade Pothos totem is one of the most convenient indoor plants to grow, while simultaneously being one of the most beautiful. Its vertical design makes it perfect for apartments. This plant and its pot won’t take up too much space in your apartment, which is important because no matter how big of an apartment you may have, saving space is always smart. The simple white pot is elegant and clean enough to integrate with almost any environment.

Compact Floor Plants for Luxury Apartments: Small White Philodendron Cordatum

Keeping with the priorities of an economy of space, one of the simplest, and most low-maintenance plants you could hope to install in a luxury apartment would the Philodendron Cordatum. This simple and streamlined looking plant is a must-have for upscale apartments. It has a sleek and elegant look that simply radiates sophistication and grace.

Potted Plants for Luxury Apartment Interior Design: Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is one of the world’s most cherished and beloved plants. There are few plants with a more visually powerful appearance. The bird of paradise blooms remarkable avian-looking flowers. There is a clear suggestion of a beak with a plume when these flowers are in bloom. The dark green leaves look great in almost any environment, and your guests and friends will be fascinated by the display. The flower itself is a complex, nuanced, and textured shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow.

Small White Chinese Fan Palm in a Milano Cylinder

Sometimes adding just the right detail can enhance a minimalist, angular architecture. You can achieve a lightweight, lively and energetic feeling by adding a Chinese fan palm plant. There are rounded pebbles, smooth as if they have been polished by a riverbed, in the pot of this plant. These orbs contrast with the sharp, narrow leaves which are adapted to catch breezes from open windows, fans or small currents.

Get Elegant Indoor Plants for Your Luxury Apartment

The perfect indoor plant for your environment can enhance the atmosphere of your entire environment. An oxygen-rich place can improve the overall atmosphere and attitudes of the people in your apartment. These simple plants look great against a wide range of luxury apartment environments. If you know exactly what you want out of a botanical fixture, we are happy to help you find it. If you are not sure what you would like, we can offer you our advice. 

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