Interior Plant Decor for a Vibrant Office Space

Interior Plant Decor for a Vibrant Office Space

Many people think of an office as that dreary place you have to go to every Monday morning, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right selection of indoor floor plants, you can create a soothing, focused atmosphere where people can perform at their best. Office plants have numerous benefits. They filter carbon dioxide out of the room and create an oxygen-rich atmosphere, which helps people feel alert and focused. The sight of natural plant life cheers people up on an instinctual level. Depending on your business, it may be useful to visually communicate to your employees, partners, clients and other interested parties something about the culture of your business with a plant. That applies to businesses committed to green energy, creative agencies, organic food distributors, and anyone who wants to change up their office décor game.

Plants to Brighten Up Any Office Space: Germany Round Large White – Ponytail Palm

This is an attractive ponytail palm that fills any room with the suggestions of sunshine, tropical atmospheres and positive energy that are naturally associated with palm-shaped leaves. These braided Bonsai-like trees look wonderful on desks and cabinets. They add a touch of color to main areas or personal offices or anywhere else you put them.

Flowering Plants for Happier Workplaces: Germany Round Large White – Double Phalaenopsis Orchid

This flowering double phalaenopsis orchid arrangement is a beautiful flowering plant held in a round container filled with rocks, moss, and airplants. This is available in white, purple and other colors. You are sure to find something that brings life and beauty to your space. Flowers are one of the oldest symbols of beauty there is. Adding them to your space will cheer up your employees, guests, co-workers and partners.

Offbeat Plants for Your Studio or Workplace:
Giant Munny Planter with Orchids

This custom made orchid arrangement comes in a unique giant Munny planter. Each MUNNY is a one-of-a-kind art piece so no two are alike, just like nature is never alike. This piece will truly stand out making your office memorable,  show sophistication, creativity and playfulness.

Easy-to-Care-For Cacti Gardens for Office Place Convenience

Cacti make a great plant for any office. Offices are busy places. The fact is you want a low-maintenance plant that will look great without too much care. Give your office manager a break with this easy-to-care-for cacti garden.

Learn More About Indoor Plants for any Studio, Office or Workplace

If you are ready to bring life, color and nature into your office, we would be happy to offer you any information you need. We would be happy to show you how different types of plants work in different spaces. We look forward to answering your questions about the rich, fresh air, psychological benefits, and beauty these flourishing organisms can bring to your space. 

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