Large Succulent Terrariums: the Perfect Focal Point in a Room’s Décor

Large Succulent Terrariums: the Perfect Focal Point in a Room’s Décor

Large succulent terrariums are an incredible way to create a focal point in a room’s décor because of their eye-catching collection of components. Terrariums are excellent at adapting to a wide range of environments because each one contains multitudes. These displays are miniature ecosystems with different organisms (succulents in this case). In a terrarium, you find layered sand, smooth pebbles, spiny plants, and bright, contrasting colors. Because of their beautiful asymmetry, terrariums make excellent centerpieces, offering new accents and visuals when viewed from different angles. Let’s explore a few terrariums that make incredible additions to a wide variety of spaces.

Handblown Large Black Terrarium:
The Ideal Complement to Any Room

This is among the biggest, most sophisticated terrariums available. The artistry of this piece begins with the glass, which is mouth-blown and made completely by hand. Place it on a coffee table, night stand or use it as a dining table centerpiece. It’s not uncommon to develop a special attachment to terrariums like these. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself naming the plants as well!

Fishbowl Medium White Terrarium:
A Sphere of Life and Color

The classic sphere shape of this fishbowl terrarium is both aesthetically pleasing while the small opening protects it from the inquisitive explorations of pets or young kids. The size of this terrarium makes it perfect for use as a centerpiece to a side table, a splash of color in a big office, or a kitchen counter. The inner landscape is a collection of succulents, cacti, soil, gravel and rocks. Don’t worry about whether or not you have a green thumb, these easy-going plants are simple to care for.

How to Care for Decorative Terrariums

The beauty of cacti and succulents is that they are naturally resilient, making them the perfect choice for first-time plant owners or busy people. Place these terrariums near windows or doors so they can soak up some bright light. The convex glass tends to act the same way as a magnifier, so do not place them in direct sunlight because this may burn your plants. Use a spray bottle to water them down with about 45 sprays near the base of the plants once a month or so. After that, all it takes is a quick wipe down of the bowl with a paper towel, and you are ready to go.

Find the Perfect Focal Point for Your Room’s Décor with Guidance from Plant the Future

Plant the Future has served numerous locations and individuals who want to bring a creative flair to their décor with a rich selection of plant-based design pieces and installations. As artists, we are passionate about the creative process, and helping people bring their vision for their space to life. 

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