Live Moss Wall Art: Everything You Need To Know

Live Moss Wall Art: Everything You Need To Know

A live moss wall, also called living moss, can add greenery to any home or office. They can conform to any art style while looking polished. Have you considered installing a living moss wall indoors or outdoors? If so, here is everything you need to know about live moss wall art.

What Is Live Moss Art?

Live moss art comprises specifically grown and cultured moss to fit onto a select frame. This art style stands out because it increases the plant's flat, designed for mounting on walls or as part of larger installations. Artisans cultivate the moss within a controlled environment for optimal moisture, air, and sunlight. The frames provide the same amount of water to sustain the plants for several years.

While all living moss walls constitute live moss art, you can think beyond the standard fence. Sometimes, one does not need to conform to a typical square or rectangular frame; some can create unique structures.

We have signs made out of living moss, spelling out motivational words and messages. One can find the perfect positivity to bring to any home office and workspace.

What Is The Difference Between A Standard Preserved And Preserved Living Wall?

Living moss still requires the nurturing that regular houseplants and gardens do: water and sunlight. They would need placement in an area that receives plenty of light and daily or weekly spritzes of water. One also needs to check the plants for any unwanted insects that would like to reside in the leaves, indoors or outdoors.

Because this moss is living, however, it will produce fresh oxygen. Many types of moss can also absorb toxins in the air. As a result, a living moss wall will improve air quality for different homes or businesses.

In contrast, a preserved plant wall often receives chemical treatments to last long without needing water or sunlight. Usually, a resin will coat the leaves and protect them from the elements. The chemicals will also repel any bugs that would gravitate toward the leaves. As a result, all one needs to do with the moss wall is dust the leaves and spray them with water once every few years.

Both types of walls, however, can receive regular repairs or maintenance. A plant specialist can keep your moss wall art looking pristine for a long time.

Plant The Future Has Customized preserved Living Wall Installations

Plant the Future turns nature into local art, using plants that invite health and luck into every home. Our boutique gallery turns all preserved moss for sale into modern installations that pay homage to Art Deco, history, and other interior design trends. You can bring nature indoors with live or preserved plant walls.

To learn more about the live plants and preserved moss walls that we retail or design, please get in touch with us today. Plant the Future will provide the perfect living moss wall art for your home and other beautiful flora installations.

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