Mini Animal Sculpture Garden: Bring the Positivity of Nature into Your Home

Mini Animal Sculpture Garden: Bring the Positivity of Nature into Your Home

One of the best was to infuse your space with the peaceful power and energy of nature is to add a mini indoor garden to your home. Indoor gardens don’t just bring color, beauty, and life to your environment. Plants naturally project emotions of peace and calm. You can feel refreshed and energized both from tending to your garden, and from enjoying its presence and effect. Gardens are one of the oldest ways human beings have built emotional, nurturing relationships with plant life. Let’s explore a number of mini indoor gardens that bring the positivity of nature to your home.

The Poodle Garden: Add Playful Energy to Any Space with this Piece

This poodle is a life-size, freestanding sculpture with a gorgeous green garden rich with desert plants. It is meant for indoor use. People love plants, and they love dogs. This poodle stands upright, and has just enough pompous personality to delight anyone who sees it.

Corgi Garden: Adorable Plants, and Adorable Animals Combined in One Figurine

Merging plants with a cute little corgi figurine is one of the best ways to combine two beloved living creatures into one. The corgi in this mini garden is facing to the right, and has bright green cacti in a garden on its back with popping colors among the stubby plants. This garden includes a white museum stand to help you display the figurine.

Seal Garden: A Fun-Filled Animal Combined with Living Plants


These seal gardens are unique and creative displays for a mini indoor garden. Traditionally, seals are seen as symbols of peace and abundance, making them the ideal animal to pair with a garden.

Fox Garden: An Adorable Sculpture and Mini Garden Combination

Foxes are symbols of attentiveness and energy, which makes them a good figurine to pair with the refreshing energy of green plants. These quick creatures are beloved by everyone who cross paths with them, and they are rare enough to make any encounter feel like good luck. That feeling comes across well in this fox garden.

How to Take Care of Your Home’s Mini Indoor Garden

The beauty of these mini indoor gardens is that the collection of cacti they house is relatively easy to care for. Cacti and succulents are naturally resilient, and therefore make the perfect companions to busy people, or someone who is brand new to gardening of all kinds. Their rugged origins in desert landscapes helps them thrive in almost any setting.

How to Learn More About Adding Positivity to Your Home with a Mini Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens are a wonderful way to add a place to your home where you can be present, at peace, and energized. The natural colors of plants, combined with the positive energy of animals bring the best parts of nature to your living space. To learn more about how to decorate with mini gardens like the ones you see above, or to discover more options, get in touch with Plant the Future, Miami-based experts in biophilic art and design. 

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