Open Terrariums Created by a Miami Artist

Open Terrariums Created by a Miami Artist

One of the most beautiful pieces of artwork you can bring into your home is the creation of Mother Nature. However, nature is not to be thought of as a collection of objects, because in reality, it is a collection of symbiotic ecosystems. To capture the natural world more faithfully, we have decided to offer terrariums created by a Miami artist that house miniature ecosystems.

A Terrarium – The Perfect Miniature Ecosystem Designed to Add a Touch of Nature Indoors

Terrariums have been around for quite some time – since the 1840s, in fact. In England terrariums have been found households for many generations. Originally, terrariums were designed to safely transport plants across vast distances, but people found the glass cases filled with living fauna so enchanting they decided to use them for ornamental purposes too.

There are two main types of terrarium – closed and open. A closed terrarium is sealed for most of the time, and is suitable for tropical plants that are accustomed to humid conditions. An open terrarium is open all the time and is suitable to plants such as succulents that prefer dry conditions. An open terrarium is also suitable for plants that enjoy direct sunlight.

Here are just a few of the open terrariums created by a Miami artist we can provide for you:

Half Moon Medium Black Terrarium

Enclosed within this terrarium is your own miniature desert ecosystem which contains a delightful variety of succulents and cacti, complete with soil, rocks and gravel.

Easy to maintain, this terrarium just needs to be placed in bright light and close to a door or window. You will need to water your terrarium just once every twenty-five to thirty days, spraying the plants with water. Note that due to the delicate nature of this item it cannot be shipped – it will need to be picked up or delivered with the Miami Area.

Fishbowl Large White Terrariums

This fishbowl shaped terrarium is ideal if your home contains pets or young children as it can only be accessed via a small hole in the top. This is a very adaptable piece, bringing natural beauty to, say, a dining table or your office desk.

Filled with high-quality cacti and succulents in a pleasing variety of colors, this terrarium is guaranteed to bring you joy for many years.

Handblown Large White Terrarium

This interesting piece is easy to maintain and will become a real talking point, no matter where you choose to place it within your home, office or establishment.

Simply place in bright light (not direct sunlight) and allow nature to take care of itself, with only the occasional necessary intervention from you!

Have Any Questions About Open Terrariums?

If you have any questions about the open terrariums that we can create for you, or you wish to know anything about our extensive range of natural products, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. We can provide home décor design services; brightening up your interiors and to any scale, from small private residences to expansive resort hotels.

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