Original Plant-Themed Gifts for the Home

Original Plant-Themed Gifts for the Home

Many things are described as the gift that keeps on giving, but it is particularly easy to make that case when it comes to interior décor centered around plants. When you give someone the gift of a plant, you are not just giving them the gift itself, you are giving them all the soothing, peaceful and lively qualities that come with a plant for as long as it is a part of their lives. Giving someone a plant for their home is a great way to acknowledge that you have seen their interests and unique personality and that you appreciate and understand them.


1. Cacti Collection Box

The cactus is a plant with a distinct personality to it. It’s got a strong and prickly outside, with a tender, nourishing core. This seven-piece mini cacti collection makes a great gift because someone without much plant experience will easily be able to take care of these tough little creatures. A symbol of resilience, endurance, and life, the cactus sends a powerful, positive message. The fun part of this gift is the fact that the recipient gets to plant the cacti in any container they like that works for them, particularly upcycling old objects as planters. People have gotten creative and used toy trucks, boots, and stylish jars to add a unique touch to these cacti.

2. Natural Wood Bowls with moss

These natural wood moss bowls luxuriate in the beauty of the natural world with an organic, weather-worn look. The bowl invites close examination of its intricacies and asymmetries. Natural gaps expose more of the bright and textured moss interior, letting the recipient imagine the piece in different contexts, and enjoy it in multiple locations.

3. Munny Garden

For someone special who loves figurines, robots, and plants, this Munny garden is perfect. The creative partnership between Paloma Teppa and Kid Robot resulted in a collection of one-of-a-kind figures and planters, making this a special gift suitable for a wide range of personalities.

How to Get More Gift Suggestions from Plant the Future

If these gift suggestions intrigue you, Plant the Future would be happy to help you out. If you are want to give someone a plant as a gift, but haven’t quite seen what you are looking for yet, we would be happy to help you out. We love to discuss the purpose and meaning of different plants, and we have helped a diverse range of people and locations find the plant that speaks to them. Tell us about the person who needs a gift, whether the occasion is an anniversary, holiday, wedding, or perhaps something more formal like a professional greeting, or corporate gift.

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