Plant the Future’s Artistic Collaborations in Miami and Beyond

Plant the Future’s Artistic Collaborations in Miami and Beyond

When it comes to finding ways to integrate plants and the natural world into interior design, we often look to push ourselves and constantly reimagine new possibilities. One of the best ways to bring a fresh perspective to any creative project is through collaboration. Plant the Future, a creator of artistic botany pieces and displays, is involved with numerous local Miami art projects because we are passionate about both their aesthetic value, and their larger mission in the world. Here are a few projects with which Plant the Futures has been involved.

1. Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree for Peace

Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree for Peace project was in Miami last December as part of the Fair exhibit in Brickell City Center. Plant the Future collaborated on this exhibition by invitation of Spinello Gallery. People were encouraged to leave wishes written on a piece of paper in the grove of potted Lychee trees. Turnout was amazing with people of all ages participating in wish making.

2. Soon it Will be Gone- Collaboration with Jessy Nite

Jessy Nite is a Miami artist who works in large installations and typography. Paloma Teppa, who founded Plant the Future, helps create a visualization of the love of both poetry and nature.

3. Green Junk Collage Chandeliers – Artist Collaboration with Kim Songhe

Kim Songhe, a Japanese-Korean artist created two one-of-kind pieces by entwining the organic, bright world of plants with Kim’s upcycled Junk Collage Chandeliers for Art Basel 2017. Songhe has a talent for assembling and reimagining items in new ways, such as using upcycled plush teddy bears to make couches and seats.

4. Upcycled Couture – Fashion Collaboration with Felder Felder

Plant the Future partnered with fashion designer Felder Felder to create Upcycled Couture a work of moss, lichens, wood, mushrooms, and other natural elements. This work represented a harmony between humans and nature in a far more intimate dimension than we often see.

How to Learn More About Future Artistic Projects from Plant the Future

If you are interested in staying informed on new developments in the Miami art scene, we would be happy to connect with you. If you are a local artist yourself and a have a vision of how your work and ours could unite, we would be happy to help you. As artists, we are passionate about the creative process and helping people beautify their environments whether they need to enhance their homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and spas. 

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