Plant Wall Installations in New York City

Plant Wall Installations in New York City

New York City is the capital of architectural treasures. It’s no secret that the city is an aquifer of inspiration, action, cozy bars and bistros. One of the best things about New York is that no matter your mood, no matter the company, there’s always a new spot to hang out or an exciting thing to do.

In Manhattan alone, you’ll come across your share of symbolic buildings each spouting with history. Although these icons are indispensable ingredients in the NYC cityscape, nowadays visitors and locals tend to want more to gaze at. That’s why interior design is just as essential in creating a memorable and exciting experience.

Indoor moss murals are wildly popular. Those seemingly alive green walls (they are in fact dried moss) you see in blog posts or embellishing the exterior of your favorite modernistic restaurant aren’t just for looks. This unique structural feature provides more practical benefits than you may think, positively impacting everyone in different ways.

Plant the Future collaborates with artists and designers around the world to design groundbreaking projects for global clients who share our appreciation of nature and art.

The Assemblage Nomad CoWorking Space in New York

The contemporary co-working space NoMad in NYC has recently added a stunning moss mural wall of no less than 120 feet in length and across four partitions: Cosmic, geographic symbols, our enigmatic  eye, and lines radiate to give it a feeling that you are in a different star system.

“LEAP” at the  Hotel NYC

A vertical garden system is like breathing new life into a space. From a design standpoint, it adds so much texture and impact that people won’t want to look away.

This next hip project can be found at the INNSIDE Hotel in NYC

Innside Hotel commissioned a moss optical mural for their lobby in Manhattan. “LEAP” represents the moment just after jumping into the air. The moment when we feel total freedom and fearlessness. The project was inspired by famed photographer Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book.

Why Use Moss Instead of Other Live Plants?

Living walls are as economical as they are aesthetically pleasing, especially when they are made out of moss. Moss doesn’t need much maintenance, and yet it remains bright, calming, and refreshing.

Build them into wall form and they become superstars of efficiency and economy,  regulating the temperature, absorbing sound and turning heads.

Ready to Turn Your Vision into a Mural?

Moss art is a wonderful addition to any living room, office, and bedroom or anywhere you feel like injecting a little positivity and quick-spirited energy. Plant the Future’s team of artists and experts in botanical design and symbolism are eager to help you bring your vision to life.

If you liked our installation in New York, check out our other projects around the world. We’ve done before and we are ready to do it again- your vision, our hands. We love the creative process, and we love helping people bring the right energy into their homes.

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