Plants for Meditation and Other Essentials for Your Sacred Space

Plants for Meditation and Other Essentials for Your Sacred Space

Allow yourself to take a deep breath in, hold it, and now release with an open mouth. Feel the tension come out through your mouth as you start to focus your thoughts on your intention. Let all the stress from your day to day life leave with every breath you take and you may want to focus your eyesight on one of our meditation space plants or accessories.

Calmness, Strength & Clarity: Amethyst Garden

The amethyst crystal has engraved into it the past of the earth by being one of the oldest crystal to be discovered. Translated from its latin origin, the crystal means non intoxicating making it the perfect addition to meditation spaces. Provide your soul with clarity and calmness by creating your own intention for the amethyst garden and putting in energy for achieving that intention.

Energies Your Seven Chakras: Heart Chakra Magic Box

Design your intention to reach enlightenment by catering to your seven chakras. Life comes at you fast and sometimes we do not have the time to come back to our intention, use our heart chakra magic box to align and energies your chakras. Set aside a small amount of time to ground yourself and see yourself from within. Each of the seven chakras have their own properties to stimulate your energies and provide a fruitful ambiance to the rest of your day.

Awaken the Mind, Body & Soul with Our Biophilia Candle

Our signature home fragrance will transport you to a time of wonder and simply being. The bergamont base balances the mind and emotions to awaken the mind, body, and soul. Create a sense of curiosity from within with our biophilia candle during the dewy morning or cool nights. Remember you hold the power to your life, you are who you want to be, and you have the ability to change. Release any tensions you may have with every deep breath in of our splendid signature scent.

Balance the Energy Within You: Silver & Gold Aura Quartz Magic Box

Our naturally charged crystals combined with our palo alto and white sages will align your chakras while also cleansing your soul. We choose silver and gold aura quartz for our magic box to bring awareness to your feminine and masculine side,two opposing side always in need of reconnection. The palo santo and white sage will clean any toxic energy you may have in your space.

Have More Questions About Our Meditation Space Plants and Accessories?

Plant the Future is a South Florida based company that guides it’s guests to reconnect with nature through beautiful combinations of plants and art. Our team believes the integration of plants in your space allows for a healthier, clarity filled, holistic improvement to a better wellbeing. .

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