Sending Flowers? 5 Original Alternatives to Show Your Love

Sending Flowers? 5 Original Alternatives to Show Your Love

Sending someone flowers is nice, but what if you could send them something that lasts longer than the usual week or two that cut flowers survive.  Sending a living plant with a little twist can create a memory you and the person to whom you are giving a gift can enjoy for a lifetime. Plant the Future offers you a list of alternative gift ideas that will let you create an unforgettable moment with a special person.

 1. Half Moon Terrarium Medium

This enchanting desert garden is truly magical.  This half moon medium terrarium features a collection of colorful cacti and succulents, not to mention gleaming polished stones, layered sand, gravel, and rocks. These terrariums are also easy to maintain! All you need to do is spray the plants with water near their base about once per month.

2. Munny Garden

This humorous Munny Garden is the product of a creative partnership between Paloma Teppa and Kid Robot. It’s a great way to show a little personality when you deliver a plant arrangement. The stubby leaves of the resilient plants on top give this guy a little bit of a punk rock look. Browse through other Munny gardens to find one that’s more your style.

3. Stormtrooper Garden

The Star Wars fan in your life will absolutely adore this stormtrooper garden. It’s not just the sci-fi reference that makes this piece special. It symbolizes the victory of life and creativity over war and conformity.

4. Horse

Horses share a special relationship with humans. They are our traveling companions, work partners, and pets. Merging the universal appeal of horses with a lightweight plant mane in this horse planter seems to bring the piece to life. Horse riders, and animal and plant lovers of all kinds will love this piece.

5. Coral Cactus

This coral cactus looks almost aquatic, which makes it an attractive option for the surfers and scuba divers in your life. It’s great for first-time plant owners because it is so easy to care for. Not only that, it features intriguing purple colors and a unique jagged texture which gives it an off-the-beaten-path feeling.

How to Find More Unique Gift Ideas with Help from Plant the Future

Gift giving is an art, and generic items are rarely the way to go. If you are interested in anything you have seen above or want to have a conversation about more options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Plant the Future. We have considerable experience pairing up artistic plants and people. 

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