Statement Jewelry That Combines Nature with High-End Design

Statement Jewelry That Combines Nature with High-End Design

Handmade jewelry has been on the come up lately. The special attention and love that artists infuse into their work is evidence that these masterpieces are far more meaningful and momentous than mass produced ornaments.

Plant the future’s 15-piece collection jewelry collection is sure to never go out of style with its classic allure that combines nature with high-end design. From eye catching necklaces to striking earrings, the link style is an excellent addition to your repertoire. Here is a sneak peek of the collection.

Sabel Englebert and Plant the Future’s Circle Cuff

In collaboration with renowned jewelry designer Isabel Englebert, the first article in this collection signifies the source of power in your life. The metal contour represents strength, passion, and fire while the moss represents the softness and nurturing of the earth.

Exude confidence and style with this eye-catching bracelet for any occasion. Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or just want an accent piece to complement your outfit, this piece is sure to do the job.

Sabel Englebert and Plant the Future’s Silver Trapezoid Necklace

For those that aren’t shy. The women that are fearless and audacious, a fashion-forward look might be right for your style.

The silver trapezoid necklace adds a level of sophistication to any outfit and a touch of glamour without attracting too much attention. The wraparound style offers a bold look while the timeless moss garden encompassed flourishes inside.

Sabel Englebert and Plant the Future Silver’s Trapezoid Earrings

Looking to put the finishing touch on an outfit for an evening out, or a hot first date? There’s nothing that does it better than a pair of earrings. This next item is exquisite as it is captivating. Elevate your style and express yourself with these statement earrings.

These exciting trapezoid earrings are the perfect start to a sophisticated jewelry look. With its ageless style, this article can be worn for an extra dash of confidence or with a little white dress.

Moss Teardrop Trio

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Wear this Teardrop Trio as an extension of your soul spilling out to the outside world.

The beautiful moss teardrop trio necklace rests on your chest as a constant physical and visual reminder that in whichever way you decide to express your style, make an effort to go out of your comfort zone and promote mother nature while you’re at it.

Looking for More Moss Jewelry? Explore the complete set and Make your Statement

Soft and hard, new and traditional, past and future all contrast yet harmoniously work together, giving place to sublime creations of timeless modernity.

The preserved moss collaboration with jewelry designer Isabel Englebert includes pieces to fill an entire jewelry set.

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