Succulent Gift Box: a Mini Cacti Collection

Succulent Gift Box: a Mini Cacti Collection

The beauty of mini cacti is that they fit into an incredible range of planters, and they are easy to nurture. When you give someone a succulent gift box, you’re not just giving them a living plant, you’re giving them a chance to express their own creativity. That’s what makes these succulents so special. You can brighten up any space, from your work desk to your coffee table at home with a succulent. Let’s explore the incredible variety of ways these succulents have been used to add life and a personal touch to almost any environment.

Geometric Succulent Planters to Add Eye-Catching Angles to Your Design

Some people like to create their own succulent planters out of concrete or clay upon receiving a mini cacti collection as a gift. It’s popular to cast an octagon, pentagon, or even a simple box out of concrete to add some sharp edges to desktop design. You can also enjoy the contrast of the raw, industrial look of concrete with the green, natural look of the cacti.

Plant this Cacti Collection in Old Toys:
A Way to Reuse Childhood Items

Cacti and succulents are so small and versatile that you can plant them in just about any location. It’s popular to fill the bed of a toy truck, or maybe a figurine with a hollowed out portion for a cacti planter. If you know someone very well, you could even snag an old childhood toy of theirs that hasn’t seen any use for a while, and give it a new life. This makes the ideal gift because it is a perfect way to use the organic, emotional connection plants naturally help evoke.

Add Figurines To Your Succulent Planter for a Touch of Fun

Succulents don’t take up too much space, so they won’t mind a little company. You can grab a small animal or gnome, and stand it upright in your planter right next to the succulent to add a fun twist to any collection.

Learn More About Beautiful Succulent Gift Boxes With Help From Biophilic Art Experts

Succulents and cacti make the perfect gift for almost anybody, because they can conform to so many different personalities. Whether you have the perfect, personalized platform in mind, or just want to give someone the gift box and let their imagination run wild, we would be happy to help you out. Plant the Future is passionate about the creativity that surrounds building a personal connection with plants through design. We have outfitted numerous apartments, hotels and other locations with plant-based art pieces ranging from full murals to desktop ornaments.


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