The Benefits Of Moss Wall Art Decor

The Benefits Of Moss Wall Art Decor

Preserved moss wall art serves as an alternative to having a living moss wall. While living moss walls can brighten a room and remove toxins, they also require more care with moisture and direct sunlight. You can choose preserved moss art at a size suited for any room or a wall that requires no watering or sunlight. Learn from us about the benefits of moss wall art and decor.

What Is The Purpose Of Moss?

In nature, moss releases life-giving oxygen into the atmosphere and reduces soil erosion. In damp areas, moss will grow and anchor the soil. The roots keep dirt from washing away and preserving nutrients. Moss will also break down complex substrata to enrich the soil further.

Humans can also find many purposes in preserved moss walls, structures, and other installations. Preserved moss walls have become increasingly popular as a unique and sustainable way to bring a touch of nature indoors.Preserved moss walls are created using real, organic moss that has been carefully preserved to retain its natural texture, color, and beauty.

Moss Art & Decor Benefits

Why should you consider installing art with moss in your home or business? Preserved moss walls and art pieces offer a range of benefits, from their low maintenance requirements to their natural air purifying properties. They are also aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and versatile, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a touch of nature indoors. Whether you are looking to create a peaceful retreat in your home or a more comfortable and productive workspace in your office, a preserved moss art piece can help you achieve your goals.

Moss Wall Art Will Last For Years

Due to the preservation treatment, moss installations and art pieces are designed to last forever with periodic touch ups every few years. Our artisans can conduct maintenance every 3-5 years or provide a touch up kit that allows you to replenish any damaged areas bring the moss back to its vibrant green color if it begins to fade over the years.

Reduced Stress Levels

Science has shown that having indoor plants can make a home or office space more relaxing, owed to bringing greenery indoors. Increased productivity makes a massive difference during time crunches and rushed projects. Our preserved moss wall art allows you to incorporate plants into your space and reap the benefits without worrying about constant maintenance.

Sustainable Art

Our preserved moss art and decor is made using real moss that has been sustainably harvested and preserved using non-toxic methods. This makes them a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional wall decorations that often use plastic. Our preserved moss art and decor provides a stunning visual impact and adds a touch of nature to any space. They come in a range of styles making it easy to find an art piece that suits your taste and interior design.

Maintenance-Free Plants

As an added benefit, you don’t need to maintain preserved moss as you woulda living plant. Instead of trimming leaves and monitoring water levels in a pot or hanger, you can lightly dust occasionally and touch up the piece every 3-5 years if necessary.

Elevate Your Space With Moss Art & Decor From Plant the Future

Plant the Future is a lot more than an art gallery or a plant store. We take great pride in creating living and preserved art to bring nature indoors for customers seeking a more balanced life. Our gallery contains many creations and custom options. Explore our abstract moss art collection, optical moss art collection, or our moss wall decor options.

To learn more about how moss wall art can contribute to healthy interior design in any home, please contact us.

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