The Best Tropical Plants For Landscape Design

The Best Tropical Plants For Landscape Design

A tropical landscape design will give your house a vibrant, lively, lush look, that will, in turn, make you feel invigorated and alive, like you are on vacation at a beautiful tropical destination.

Tropical gardens need a great deal of water, warmth, and sunlight, both direct and indirect, making them perfect for those of you who live in the tropics, including Miami. Taking those things into account, these are some of our favorite plant recommendations for a Tropical Landscape Design that is full of color and life:


They are known for their big, bold, fan-shaped leaves. Since they grow so close to water streams, they are known for symbolizing eternal life, victory and expansion. Their energy is an invitation to live freely and honorably. This magnificent plant requires indirect sunlight and water once a week, depending on the levels of moisture in its location.


These beautiful and impactful plants produce leathery leaves and bright, colorful flowers when in bloom. They are associated with love, beauty and passion. Bromeliads like to be in bright, but indirect sunlight, with well-drained soil, high levels of humidity and warmth. Our favorite bromeliad varieties for landscape designs include Alcantarea Odorata, Alcantarea Imperialis, Neoregelia Fireball Super, and Portea Jungle Book. Visit our landscape plant section to view more of our favorite bromeliads for your garden. 


These timeless, exotic plants bring a sense of elegance to any landscape. They are charged with feminine divinity, representing fertility and purity. They can hang from a tree, or grow in a container that has proper drainage, as they need minimal water, yet, a lot of moisture, and indirect sunlight.

Elephant Ear

These tropical plants are a real eye-catcher due to their beautiful, majestic leaves. They are referred to as “the tree that grows up to the heavens,” thereby, inviting you to live up to your maximum potential and take risks. They require bright, indirect sunlight and water about once a week, allowing top soil to dry before watering again.

Regina Iris

Also known as Neomarica Caerulea ‘Regina.’ They are beautiful, exotic plants that, when in bloom, give a vibrant and striking purple flower. This plant is very low maintenance; it doesn’t require much water and is also drought-resistant, capable of thriving in areas with direct sunlight, as well as partial shade. For this reason, it symbolizes resilience and adaptability.

Fountain Grass

The leaves of this plant resemble a fountain, which is where its name originated. They thrive in areas with full sun, warmth and well-drained soil, but they are also highly adaptable, making them easy to grow and maintain. Grass is a symbol of community and interconnectedness between all living beings, reminding us of the effect every action has on others.

Kangaroo Fern

They are exotic plants with pointy leaves that bring positive and creative energy to your garden. These are ancient plants inhabited earth before dinosaurs and are said to contain healing properties, including reducing headaches and stomach aches. They like to be watered about once a week and to be placed in areas of bright, indirect sunlight or shaded spaces.

Burle Marx

This is a unique tropical plant that produces beautiful, large, shiny green leaves. Its wild, vibrant energy will transform any space into a jungle, giving you willpower and tranquility. They are meant for well-drained soil and bright, indirect sunlight. 

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