Unique Planters for Houseplants: Home Decor Inspiration

Unique Planters for Houseplants: Home Decor Inspiration

Plants offer numerous benefits to any environment. They add a sense of life and color to any location. They freshen the air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen (the opposite of what humans do when they breathe). When air is oxygen rich, the people in the room are more awake, alert and in a better mood. When you are incorporating a plant into your environment, you have a big opportunity to express yourself through the planter you choose to use. A planter can take any room and give it an entirely new kind of character. You can convey anything from elegance to a sense of humor to an affinity for a beloved piece of pop culture with a unique planter for your houseplants. Let’s look at some examples of distinct, attention-grabbing planters, and how they can be used in terms of aesthetic design.

Stormtrooper Helmet Planter: An Homage To Beloved Pop Culture Iconography

Almost everyone loves and recognizes Star Wars and many of the creative elements that make the science fiction world feel so colorful and full. We took the imagery of a stormtrooper and decided to flip everything it symbolizes on its head. Stormtroopers are taught be automatons- same face, same body, head filled with nothing but orders to follow. Our
stormtrooper planter removes the head from the body and removes the top from the head to let a cacti garden flourish. This represents free and natural thought vanquishing conformity, brutality, and constraint.

Munny Mini Mohawk Figurine- An Artistic Planter to Brighten Any Room

Subtle changes have a big impact on the overall mood of a room. A comfortable living room, kitchen, dining room, or dorm should put people at ease, and make them feel as though they can laugh, unwind, and be themselves. How can you add a touch of lightness to your interior design? We offer you the
Munny Mini Mohawk planter, which is the result of a collaboration between the artist Paloma Teppa and Kid Robot Munny. In this piece, the iconic cult hero becomes responsible for protecting the natural beauty of plant life, a symbol of the natural world.

Cute Planters with Indoor Mini Gardens: The Happy Labbit

Rabbits are beloved creatures. Cacti should be beloved creatures, even though they have needles. What do you get when you combine something cuddly with something prickly? The adorable mustachioed Labbit garden planter. One look at this rabbit can brighten the day of any guest. From an aesthetic standpoint, this planter works against a variety of backdrops because of the collection of colors in the cacti it holds. There’s a fun dynamic going on between the smooth, soft, rounded shapes of the rabbit, and the sharper spines of the cacti. Contrasts like this are key to creating an engaging and eye-catching piece.

Elegant Planters to Enliven Any Setting: Walking Horse Juncea

The artistic sisters Paloma and Chu Teppa collaborated to bring you these elegant, smooth horse planters. This design piece hardly seems inanimate. From the swaying green vegetation flowing from the horse’s mane and tail to the curvature of the animal’s muscles, this is a great way to add motion and life to a room.

How To Get Artistic Planters For Any Setting

Plant the Future would be happy to answer any questions you have about interior design, the benefits of indoor plants, or how you can bring out the best elements of your space with an artistic piece.

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