Using Preserved Moss for a Modern Interior Design

Using Preserved Moss for a Modern Interior Design

What does modern design mean on an emotional level? Modernism means questioning rigid structures and exploring new possibilities. It means focusing on understated simplicity and integration with the natural world rather than the will to dominate it. It is an aesthetic of introspection, and focus. That’s why preserved moss works so well as a medium for modernist modes of design. Naturally preserved moss gives:

  • Respect for the power of nature
  • The focus offered by the presence of green colors
  • Designs that offer a clean simplicity
  • A nuanced, natural texture that lets the imagination take flight

Let’s explore some examples of modernist design expressed through the naturally preserved moss.

Large Moss Heart: A Joyous Symbol of Love Perfect for Any Home

If you’re going to choose a message to unify with the eternal power of plants and nature, why not pick one recognized across all cultures and in any language? The heart is a symbol of love and intimacy that has been beloved for eons. You get to tap into that positive energy when you add this moss heart to your home.

Moss Sacred Geometry – Star Tetrahedron: The Sacred Geometry of the Universe

The universe is filled with beautiful recurring patterns that human beings have used as symbols of guidance and meaning. There are few better symbols of guidance, hope, and wishes than stars. This angular preserved moss star is an incredible collection of triangles that seem to feed into each other’s energy and radiate outward into the room.

Moss Sacred Geometry – Trinity Pisces Eye Heavenly Spheres In Earthly Tones

The sphere was one of the first shapes. When the bodies of liquid and vapor we know planets were arranging themselves, the shape they chose was the calm, endless sphere. This can be seen on gigantic scales and in places as small as the drops of dew on a blade of grass. Celebrate this features of the natural world with a circular moss pattern that radiates life-giving nourishment into any space.

Moss Sacred Geometry – Vesica Pisces Eye: The Power and Protection of Vigilance

Vigilance is an important part of any household. It’s an important part of being good stewards of the earth. That’s why this Preserved Moss Pisces Eye is the perfect addition to any location. From the shade of a spreading palm to the life-giving leaves we eat, plants have always offered us nourishment and protection. That’s what this symbol represents.

Learn More About the Symbolism of Preserved Moss and Modernist Interior Design with Expert Guidance

Moss is a powerful plant and medium. It was moss that first emerged from the sea to conquer land and bring greenery to the world. Bring the harmony of nature and the peace of the natural world to your space with the designs above, or any other moss work we offer. Plant the Future has designed the interiors and exteriors of locations ranging from private residences to luxury hotels. We would be honored to help you find preserved moss that brings the modernist look you desire to your home.

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