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In the heart of Manhattan's Garment District, the collaboration between Plant The Future and renowned design studio Meyer Davis has brought to life Arlo Midtown, a boutique hotel that serves as a tribute to New York's fashion heritage. This third outpost for the Arlo brand encapsulates the essence of the district with its innovative design and homage to the city's sartorial roots, blending seamlessly with the urban landscape of New York.

Gray Davis and Shannon Senyk of Meyer Davis drew inspiration directly from the neighborhood, integrating elements reminiscent of the fashion industry into the hotel's design. The reception area greets guests with a striking woven leather, metal, and wood screen, set against check-in desks that combine brass, white marble, and textured leather, offering a modern take on traditional fabric textures.

The hotel's interior is defined by a dramatic nine-story wooden wall in the atrium lounge, carved into shapes that mimic draped cloth, visible from room balconies overlooking the space. This installation not only pays homage to the Garment District's legacy but also showcases Meyer Davis's commitment to creating timeless, beautiful spaces.

Arlo Midtown's design encourages guest interaction within its multi-use spaces, adorned with elegant brass sconces, plush furnishings, and a blend of wooden and marble tables. The hotel's open-plan layout empowers guests and locals alike, offering flexible areas for work, dining, or leisure without boundaries.

Complementing these communal areas are a chic street-facing bar, a refined restaurant with cozy leather booths, and a terrace graced with a glass roof and vibrant landscaping courtesy of Plant The Future. The integration of plants throughout the hotel adds a layer of texture and color, contrasting the urban grittiness of the surrounding streets with a sense of relaxation and luxury.

Key features include pots of preserved moss playfully suspended above the staircase leading to the fitness center and meeting rooms, introducing a whimsical touch to the hotel's sophisticated ambiance. This deliberate juxtaposition creates an oasis within the bustling city, offering guests a rich, tranquil experience unlike any other in New York.

Arlo Midtown, through its collaboration with Plant The Future, stands as a testament to the fusion of fashion, design, and sustainability, redefining the boutique hotel experience in New York and showcasing the potential for future projects to blend urban sophistication with green, sustainable practices.

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