Chinese Money plants: a Care Guide

Chinese Money Plants, or Pilea Peperomioides, is a beautiful plant that is famous for its beauty and positive

energy. Decorate your home or workspace with a Chinese Money Plant for good luck and prosperity. Thischeery little plant has rich green leaves that are round like little coins. It’s possible you know this plant by its other nicknames, like the UFO plant, or the Missionary plant.  Each nickname emerged from the personal, almost friend-like connection people tend to form with this plant. 

Spruce up any small space with a Chinese Money Plant to experience the rewarding opportunity to nurture a quiet, living creature, and contemplate the miracle of its growth.

Caring for Chinese Money Plants: A Guide from Botanical Art and Design Experts

Every plant has special needs that evolve over time. After all, these quiet creatures grow like every living thing. The amount of water this plant needs depends on where you place it. Depending on the humidity, heat and air conditioning and other factors that surround this plant, the watering needs will change.

How and When you Should Water your Chinese Money Plant

Begin by watering your Chinese Money Plant once a week with water. However, you should be aware that depending on where you place this plant, it will need more or less watering. Check to see how the plant reacts to watering them.

Here are some important care steps.

   1. Watering Your Chinese Money Plant

Slowly pour water around the center of the plant and let it filter down the base. If the water flows down the outside of the root ball, the roots will still be dry. That may mean the plant was watered too quickly, or with too much water at once. Your goal when watering Chinese Money Plants is to get water into the roots. Sometimes, you can facilitate this by simply poking holes into the gravel or soil around the plant using a knife or pencil. Use your finger to check the moisture level of the soil, and add more water if it feels bone dry. You will get the hang of the right feeling soon!

   2. Nourishing Your Chinese Money Plant

Use simple fertilizer to keep your Chinese Money Plant Nourished. It should be diluted and used during spring and early fall, which is this plant’s growing season. Apply it about once a month.

   3. Trim off Dead or Dry Leaves

This is a normal part of the plant’s life cycle. It’s the right time to do so when you begin to see dead leaves in the bowl of the plant.

A Resource for Common Questions about Chinese Money Plants

Many care owners run into similar questions when it comes to taking care of their Chinese Money Plants. As experts in botanical art and design Plant the Future is more than happy to help guide you through the best way to handle a variety of common Chinese Money Plant questions. We can help you handle dropping, brittle leaves, white spots on leaves, and a number of other questions. Contact us online, or call our Wynwood Gallery, [(305) 571-7177] or our HQ at [(305) 222-7500.]