Custom Moss Sign Ideas

Creating a custom moss sign is a wonderful way to add a burst of inspiration and positive energy to your space, whether it be your home or business. Your sign will become the focal point of any room, providing a constant connection to Mother Earth. A moss sign will create a lasting impression on your guests through the power of nature, or simply serve as an inspirational reminder for yourself. At Plant the Future, our signs are created using preserved natural moss, which requires no maintenance or watering in order to maintain its lush, green look and texture. Your moss sign can easily be ordered directly on our website, and can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states free of charge. All signs are available in either cursive or block letters with saw-tooth hangers for easy installation on any wall. Here are a few ideas for custom moss signs:


One of the best ways to use a custom moss sign is for daily inspiration in your home. Create a reminder to spread love, remain peaceful or any message to amplify the energy you wish to promote in your space. Some of the most common phrases people use in their homes include: love, peace, happy, home, family, and joy. Hang your moss sign above your bed, in your entryway, or on the main wall in your living room. You can even get creative and create your sign in a different language.


Adding a custom moss sign to your business can serve as an extension of advertising, helping business owners integrate a variety of slogans and memorable taglines into one cohesive brand message. Having a moss sign displayed front-and-center in your space, makes it hard for visitors to miss – even when in a rush. Whether you have a restaurant, fitness studio, or retail store, a moss sign will help you make a lasting impression on your customers.


Moss signs can also be used as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and other special holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Give the gift of nature combined with a meaningful message. This memorable gift can be placed on any wall to amplify the energy of the space.


You can order your custom moss sign directly on our website. Simply enter your desired text, choose between cursive or block letters, complete your purchase, and get it shipped to your address for free (lower 48 states). Click below to get started.