Hanging Moss Decor for Luxury Homes & Businesses

Hanging Moss Decor for Luxury Homes & Businesses

Posted by Jessica Duran on 27th Jun 2022

When you want to celebrate the richness of nature and reconnect with its blissful beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is plants. However, there are many ways to incorporate greenery into your home and office space with less maintenance.

Biophilic design introduces a new era of artistic expression while fostering a connection with nature. When it comes to luxury home decor, if you wish to bring the outside in, while also making a striking impression; incorporating hanging moss decor is a perfect choice. It is a lovely way to add a green element and provide the feeling of preserving a piece of nature.

Our hanging moss decor collection includes:

Moss Chandeliers – this is the type of piece that can breathe life and excitement into any space. Exotic and magical, our moss chandeliers will bring the feeling of serenity and tranquillity into your home or business. Our preserved moss decor is designed in such an intricate way, that it provides an elegant and luxurious feel. Spanish moss, which is typically found hanging from large trees will bring calmness into your space, resulting in an excellent flow of energy. Elevate your atmosphere by adding a moss chandelier to your space. You will revel in the newfound energy, powered by nature. Our Spanish Moss Chandeliers are available in a variety of sizes on our online store. 

Hanging Moss Spheres – when we talk about luxury moss decor, the next thing that will spellbind your senses is our hanging moss spheres with amaranthus. This hanging moss balls embodies floating perfection. Created with preserved natural moss and amaranthus, each piece is handmade in Miami, making each sphere unique. With our hanging moss spheres, you will easily incorporate the calmness of the forest into your home or your office space. Extend an invitation for tranquility to yourself by adding the spheres to your space. You can either hang them individually, or in groups. Find our hanging moss spheres on our online store.

Hanging Moss Cylinders – an exquisite preserved moss decor piece that captures the full attention of anyone in the room. From a designer’s perspective, this is an excellent addition in those cases where a client is looking for a way to make their space feel unique and unforgettable through the energy of nature. Created in three different sizes, our hanging moss cylinders can be arranged individually or in groups for a more impressive look.

The beauty of our hanging moss decor is that it comes with a wire and hook for hanging. This means you can install it wherever you like. The construction frame is metal, and the preserved moss is added on top by hand.

Hanging moss decor has proven to elevate the sense of being one with nature. If you are passionate about having a natural statement piece in your home, visit our online store or our gallery in Miami. Browse through our nature inspired creations including moss art, moss decor, and unique plant arrangements.