Modern House Plants Perfect for Sub Tropical Climate

Drenched in sunlight and splendid sun showers almost every day, the South Florida subtropical climate is perfect for cheerful exotic plants.

Decorate your personal or professional space to compliment your energetic tropical counterparts just outside your window. Filling your home with breathtaking subtropical plants can transform your home to an oasis perfect for everyday entertainment and life. Take a look at these options to capture the essence of living tropical while adding a modern flare to your décor:


Milano Cylinder Small White (D18" H20") - Jade Pothos Totem 14"Flying High: Milano Cylinder Jade Pothos totem


The tall gorgeous Jade Pothos Totem reminds one of an oasis with its tall structure of viridescent leaves. This plant will thrive in bright indirect sunlight making it one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. Escape to the Amazon rainforest in this Jade Pothos Totem and touch it’s silky leaves that reach a height of 16-18” long and 10-12” wide.


Feather Rock - Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid

 Bring Life to Your Space with Colorful Rich Orchids


Add some color to your home with this beautiful orchid arrangement set on a feather rock lightweight enough to move around your personal space with ease. This piece only needs to be watered once a week with a spray bottle. For fuller blooms, cut the stem right below the last flower so new flower buds can bloom. Bring in new flowers by attaching the orchid to a tree with string and making sure it receives only indirect sunlight. If you watch closely you might see butterflies fluttering nearby.


Germany Boat Large White (L16.5" H6.5") - Double Ponytail Palms

 Add Some Excitement to Your Space with These German Boat Ponytail Palms


Subtropical environments induce a sense of exuberant energy with its array of exotic indoor plants such as the ponytail palms with their circular far-reaching leaves. These double ponytail palms almost scream excitement with their luscious care-free grassy leaves that can either be cut periodically or can be left to grow freely. Brighten your room while also seeing these mini trees flourish into a beautiful round bush a top your kitchen counter or office desk.


Germany Boat Large White - Triple Phalaenopsis Orchid

 Capture the Moment: German Triple Phalaenopsis Orchid


Welcome beauty and positivity to your personal space with this Phalaenopsis Orchid arrangement. A subtropical climate would be the ideal space for such a stunning piece due to the delicacy of the orchids and the aura of tranquility incited by this arrangement. Subtropical environments cater to many types of organisms, attach this orchid to a tree when it is done blooming and watch the array of birds or butterflies flutter around such a delicate plant.

Learn More About Subtropical Plant Options With Expert Miami Designers

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