Moss Art for Your Home or Office

For those of you looking to bring nature and plants into your home or office, and don’t want to worry about watering and maintenance, we have a collection of framed moss art pieces just for you. We are all drawn to the natural world. With today’s constant online prescience, maintaining a connection with nature is more important than ever. We provide outdoor beauty within your indoor space. Plant The Future creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind moss art that will change your space to be forever green and maintenance free.

Preserved Moss: A Medium Rich With Possibilities

Our moss art pieces are made using preserved moss that requires no watering or maintenance whatsoever. We work with nurseries that practice sustainable growing and preservation methods. Also, we use a variety of mosses including broom forkmoss, hypnum moss, lichen and others. We do this because each has its own beautiful character, texture, and color, which enables us to create unique one-of-a-kind botanical art pieces. The end result is an extraordinary piece of art, crafted in the United States. Our attention to detail ensures that no two pieces are exactly the same result. As long as you keep these moss paintings out of the sun, they can last decades.

Small Moss Art Installations For Any Location: Moss Heart

Change can begin in the simplest ways for the smallest reasons. How can you encourage growth and positivity with your space? How can you express a simple, profound and universal message with the interior decor of your room?

This moss heart says two things: life and love. Love is the most powerful and transformative force in the world around us. This piece can serve as a daily reminder of how you should interact with every living thing, from plants, to animals, to people. Creating this type of message in your room lets positivity blossom around you, your guests, your friends, and your family. It’s a subtle, almost subliminal way to improve your environment, atmosphere, and outlook on life.

Combine our small heart option with our medium or large heart option to create an intentionally designated place for your life’s happiest moments in your home to take root in your own heart. If your business is all about positivity, inject it with this symbol that needs no words. The possibilities for this small but powerful shape are only limited by your imagination.

Unique Moss Art Decorations For Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Offices and More: Moss Circle

Circles are ancient symbols and are related to spheres, which have a natural place in nature. Bodies of fluid in the universe organize themselves as spheres. This includes our own beloved planet Earth. Wedding rings are circular. Green plant life is an immediately relatable experience to almost any human. It’s deep in our DNA to have a positive emotional reaction to moss, leaves, and shrubs.

When you combine these ancient symbols in a moss wall art circle, you create an environment of peace, life, and harmony for your room. As it turns out, our innate love of nature has far more than aesthetic value. Patients in hospitals with green spaces and natural vistas heal faster, classrooms with nature have higher test scores, offices filled with plants and natural light are more productive, and communities with green spaces are more connected.

This wall art decoration offers you endless beauty, and no regular maintenance, making it perfect for anyone who is pressed for time (which is most of us in this busy world) who wants to still enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sacred Geometry Moss Piece- Ancient Symbolism for Modern Environments

Honoring natural patterns in the universe brings harmony and peace to any environment. These moss triangular overlays can represent the interlocking of life, mind, body, and spirit, and past, present, and future. Position this intricate piece in the way that best represents you.

Pointing Upwards,  

  • Point-up triangles represent the ascent to heaven.
  • The point-up triangle can also represent male energy
  • Fire and air are masculine elements.

Pointing Downwards,

  • Point-down triangles represent the descent into the physical world.
  • The point-down triangle represents female energy
  • Water and earth are feminine elements.

Personalized Moss Art Letters To Decorate Your Room

How do you create a memorable message that isn’t just a word, but is also an experience that can be examined time and time again? One way to add texture and depth to your message or name is to write it in moss letters. You can choose cursive or block lettering depending on which look best suits your style. Say exactly what you want to with our custom moss letters.

How To Add Beautiful Moss Art To Your Interior Design Plan

Whether you want block letters, cursive script, shapes, symbols, or something more elaborate for your moss art, Plant the Future would be happy to help. We are passionate about the creative process and spreading a message of life and love through botanical art. If you believe that nothing can beat a straightforward message, then check out our premade decorative moss phrases in  “I love you” and “amor” and “love
We would be happy to answer any questions you have about design options or how we perform custom installations. You can contact us online to learn more.