Moss Wall for Restaurants and Hotels: Designing With Nature in Mind

Many restaurants are turning towards a focus on naturally sourced, organic whole foods. In order to make sure that every detail of your restaurant communicates your vision, design your architecture with nature in mind. Moss wall art is a unique medium that makes the simplest design unforgettable. Busy restaurant owners won’t have to worry about maintaining these preserved displays, making them one of the most convenient ways to infuse your space with the positivity of greenery.

Not only restaurants, but also hotel lobbies and private homes have enjoyed Paloma Teppa’s touch. Her plant artwork has adorned them all. To see faces and shapes emerge from the moss and walls is astounding. The overwhelming feeling one gets when they’re in one of her spaces is the feeling of safety and calm.

See for yourself how Plant The Future designs with nature in mind. Paloma’s work has garnered so much attention she gets commissioned to create spaces across the world in order to feature how plants and art intermingle.

Don’t believe us? Check out our national campaign with Go Daddy, as they celebrate artists who are pushing the boundaries of their imagination. Contact us to inquire about how we can create an unforgettable biophilic design for your home, office, store, restaurant, hotel, and more.

Plant the Future Installations

The 1 Hotel – South Beach, Florida

The 1 Hotel And Homes inauguration featured a custom large scale mural made by Plant the Future to help them pioneer sustainable hospitality. The 1 Hotel makes its stance on Biophilic design clear, “Environmental impact energy binds everything and everyone… We have implemented a wide range of energy and environmental design strategies to keep our footprint small.”

In the lobby, ‘The Swimmer’, an iconic day life swimmer greets guests. Plant the Future also designed indoor tropical gardens which add to the lush atmosphere.

Starbucks Coffee Shop – Miami Beach, Florida

Plant the Future designed custom moss artwork for Starbucks on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. The ‘living wall’ artwork represents the region around the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer known as the coffee belt. The soil, climate, and altitude in these regions are ideal for cultivating the signature flavor of Starbucks’ coffee beans.

The Innside Hotel – New York, New York

The Innside Hotel commissioned a moss optical mural design by Plant The Future and 2ALAS for the restaurant at the hotel. ‘The Leap Mural’ was inspired by famous photographer Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book. The piece is called ‘Leap‘ and it represents the moment just after jumping into the air. It is the moment when we feel total freedom and boldness which in turn means this vertical garden work of art reduces stress and improves health for those who meditate on its meaning.  

CVI.CHE 105 Restaurant – Aventura, Florida

‘Chan chan’ means Sun Sun in the traditional language of the Chimu civilization which reigned even before the Incas were in Peru. CVI.CHE 105 commissioned a contemporary art moss mural for their location in Aventura. Plant The Future took this site-specific challenge and imagined a setting that looks as if you could be an archeologist exploring ancient ruins for the first time.

The Ellipse Apartments – Jersey City, New Jersey

The Ellipse Apartments in New Jersey envisioned a nature design scene conceptual art of a sailboat navigating behind the New York City skyline seen through their unique perspective of nearby Jersey City. The impressively sized public art in the lobby evokes the love of the New York skyline as it emerges from the artfully arranged preserved moss. It is aptly called, ‘Sailing on the Hudson.’

Private Residences

If you’re not ready to redo your whole space, but still want some biophilic design initiative to feel connected to nature, check out our some of our smaller scale wall moss art.

Send a Positive Universal Message with Cursive “love” Lettering

What better way to communicate your passion for your food and service than with cursive letters spelling “love”? This makes an excellent piece for the waiting room of your restaurant or the main dining area. You can use it in any of these places because you don’t need to worry about making sure it gets enough sunlight. That makes it perfect for restaurants, which use ambient lighting to enhance their environments.

Simple, Seamless Piece Appropriate for Any Setting: Moss Circle Large

Many restaurants focus on ethically or locally sourced systems from procuring food to how they dispose of it. Using symbolism that calls to mind both the earth and the cyclical nature of ethical food systems, this preserved moss circle display makes a great seamless symbol anywhere in a restaurant.

Compelling Design for Any Restaurant Moss Sacred Geometry – Trinity Pisces Eye

Nature has a funny way of creating patterns and rhythms, from planets circling the sun to food harvests. That’s why a Pisces Trinity Eye, which plays with geometric harmony in a similar way, is an appropriate décor option for a wide variety of locations.

Natural Patterns for Restaurant Décor: Moss Sacred Geometry – Triangular Overlays

In keeping with the theme of patterns that emerge in the natural universe, this triangular overlay represents mind, body and spirit, the trinity of life. This art piece can be an excellent way to symbolize how much your restaurant’s work of nourishment means to you using a unique medium such as preserved moss.

Learn More About Decorating Your Restaurant with Preserved Moss Wall Art

Plant the Future has overseen the installation of many plant-based interior and exterior plant-based art pieces for a wide variety of locations. We love the creative process of bringing an idea or a vision to life, and we would be more than happy to hear about what makes your place special, and then brainstorm the best way to express that through biophilic design. Contact us online to learn more. We look forward to helping you bring the atmosphere in your restaurant to the next level.