3 Low Maintenance Succulent Arrangements

3 Low Maintenance Succulent Arrangements

There’s something about the quiet and playful presence of succulents that have made their popularity as interior design plants explode. These plants are cool, calm and colorful. Not only that, they are almost ecologically conscious themselves.

They offer a positive example to us all by conserving water and flourishing even in difficult circumstances. This is due to their origins in the desert, where high winds and dusty soil only allow a few plants to grow. Bring these succulents into your home, and you fill your space with the cheery resilience that has always been a part of the succulent’s lifestyle. You might even be surprised to discover how well these little plants do in colder weather as well. Let’s take a look at some low-maintenance succulent arrangements that can help you bring their positivity to their space.

Succulents are incredible design choices because they naturally contain so many shapes you can work with and integrate into the look of your space.

1. Miami Sphere Small with Succulent: An Easy Addition to Any Arrangement

A design doesn’t get much simpler than this succulent in a small, ceramic sphere. This piece works in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, entryways, and anywhere else you want to add it. It is just as adaptable as the succulent itself, adding subtle shapes and colors to a diverse range of locations.

2. Germany Round Small Planter with Succulent: Low-Maintenance and High-Elegance

This succulent in a Germany planter is one of the best additions to any space you will be able to find. These wonderful shapes ad a pop of color and life to your tabletops, end tables, coffee tables, and anywhere else you want to see the shapely, gorgeous leaves of a succulent.

3. California Long Small White Planter – Echeverria Succulents

This oblong succulent planter gives you a wealth of plant life to work with. It’s a beautiful addition to coffee tables and bookcases, not to mention kitchen counters and anywhere else that needs to be brightened up with lively, natural energy.

How to Take Care of Succulents

These plants work best in environments that get bright light, such as a windowsill or a glass door, or under a skylight.  All you have to do is water these plants with a spray bottle, and wipe down the outside with a paper towel, and you are good to go.

Learn More About Low Maintenance Succulent Arrangements with Help from South Florida Experts

If you have any more questions about how succulents can be used, or how they should be cared for, Plant the Future would be happy to offer our expertise. We have brought creative visions to life for interior and exterior design for locations ranging from private residences to luxury resort hotels. Whether you need to decorate a desktop, a garden, or a lawn, we would love to help you add natural life and energy to your space. 

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