Collection: Fine Art

Our fine art moss pieces are created using preserved natural moss, which does not require any sunlight or watering. Explore our collection of fine artwork, available for ground shipping in the lower 48 states.


Fine Art

Moss Art

Framed moss wall art provides a convenient alternative to moss walls, an ecological art solution for modern living and workspaces. Many businesses have moss walls to provide extra insulation and greenery for workspaces, saving on energy costs and creating a more inviting atmosphere. Our framed moss art pieces will invite warm colors and textures into any room.

Moss was one of the first plants to emerge from the ocean and conquer land. Throughout our history, it has continued to make positive ecological contributions by purifying our air and maintaining a humid environment for other plants to thrive. We use preserved moss for our art pieces, which undergoes a nontoxic preservation process so that it can thrive for years without water or sunlight. Mount the moss art on any wall away from direct sunlight or heating-cooling sources.

Moss Artwork

Our moss art is created using preserved natural moss, which does not require sunlight or watering. Explore our collections of moss art, available with complimentary ground shipping in the lower 48 states.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry refers to finding mathematical patterns within nature, melding science and nature.

The Star Tetrahedron represents the universe’s balance of positive and negative energy. Living with these complementary halves will remind you of how the world requires balance, acknowledging how yin and yang are harmonic.

Sacred geometry also has patterns that reflect the mind, body, and spirit. The Triangular Overlays Moss Wall Art represents this balance, with overlapping triangles that create beautiful, meaningful contrasts.

Large Moss Wall Art

Always consider size when selecting your framed moss art. Larger art pieces will make a more significant emotional impact on a room, serving as a statement piece. They will become the focal point of a room, so it is important to select moss wall art that reflects your personality and the design of your space.

One of our most famous moss art pieces pays homage to one of the most legendary movie creatures: Godzilla. Our Moss Godzilla is 79 inches tall with a width of 59 inches. This large moss art piece, the brainchild of our founder Paloma Teppa & artist Brian Reedy, is easy to hang in any room with concealed sawtooth hangers included.

Find Beautiful Living Wall Art At Plant The Future

Plant the Future fuses botanical design and living art. We work with different types of moss, wood, plants, crystals, and other natural elements to create harmony indoors and invite people to reconnect with the outdoors. Large and small businesses, as well as homeowners, can find unique art pieces that suit their lifestyle and their interior decor.

Do you want living art that will make your space beautiful and unforgettable? Plant the Future creates preserved moss wall art that will make your home or business harmonious with nature. Not sure which moss art creation is best for your space? Contact our botanical art gallery via phone, email, or live chat for personalized recommendations.