Collection: Moss Designs

Our moss designs are created using preserved natural moss and do not require any sunlight or watering. Explore our collection of wall-mounted, ceiling, floor and tabletop designs. 

Moss Designs

Moss Designs

Luxury moss designs can make any room in a house or business come to life. Our luxury home decor incorporates one of the first plants to emerge on our planet, moss. Mosses have existed since dinosaurs roamed and humans founded societies that convened with nature. Using moss plant wall decor can make nature the focal point of your office, lobby, or living room. You will also brighten your atmosphere with the green hues and mesmerizing texture of moss.

To care for preserved moss, keep it out of direct sunlight and heating/cooling vents. Our luxury moss decor collections include moss tabletop decor, moss wall decor, hanging moss decor, moss signs, chandeliers, and more.

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Our moss decor is created using preserved natural moss, which does not require sunlight or watering. \ Enjoy complimentary ground shipping in the lower 48 states of the US. Most of our moss decor will take 1-3 business days to create, while some may take up to two weeks to produce. You will receive an email with an estimated delivery date upon order completion.

Hanging Moss

Hanging moss decor can bring a piece of the outdoors inside. These pieces can add life to a room with texture and dimension. Our hanging moss decor allows you to bring plants into your home or business with little to no maintenance.

Hanging Moss Sphere can be added to a room individually or in clusters. Large or small options allow you to create unique arrangements with these spheres. They can become the focal point of a space while Bringing peace and happiness.

If you want the luxury of a chandelier without worrying about lighting, consider our Moss Chandeliers. We create these chandeliers with Spanish moss, a type of bromeliad. Bromeliads are plants that can support multiple species in the tropics; thus, we see them as givers of life. These chandeliers can invite tranquility into dining rooms, living rooms, or conference areas as they hang over tables and loungers. Hang them individually or in groups for a more dynamic look.

Moss Hanging Signs

If you desire to add inspirational messages or gentle reminders to your home, moss can deliver them. Visitors and residents can use these messages as daily inspiration and reminders to remain present.

Our Moss Love Block sign is one of our most popular pieces. Love can be resilient, tender, and energizing, like moss. Spelling out the word with moss and mounting it on a wall will invite positive energy into your home and your heart.

Moss Decoration By Plant The Future

Plant the Future brings botanical art to your doorstep, with moss arrangements brimming with nature’s healing energy. Our moss decor is a beautiful alternative to cut flowers or plants, as they are more resistant and easy to care for regularly. All of our designs introduce the magical connection between plants and humans.

To learn more about our preserved moss art and other luxury home decor, please reach out to our botanical gallery and showroom via phone, email, or live chat. Our team of experts can provide personalized recommendations for your home or business.