Collection: Le Bonheur de Vivre Series

Our moss wall art is created using preserved natural moss, which does not require any sunlight or watering. 

Le Bonheur de Vivre Series

Henri Matisse Inspired Moss Wall Art

Henri Matisse was a French artist who is renowned for his magical depictions of the divine feminine energy. His art pieces are still celebrated for their vivid colors, bold patterns, and abstract shapes. He was a master of capturing the beauty and essence of nature in his art. In honor of his work, the Le Bonheur de Vivre Collection was created. This collection features interpretations of Matisse's legendary art pieces combined with the healing energy of Mother Earth. Each piece is inspired by Matisse's iconic artwork and uses the healing energy of nature to create a stunning and unique design.

The art pieces in the Le Bonheur de Vivre Collection are crafted with wood and preserved natural moss, making nature the focal point of any space. The use of moss in this collection is particularly interesting as it adds a three-dimensional element to the artwork. The moss is carefully preserved, ensuring that it stays vibrant and green for years to come. The natural texture and color of the moss are used to create intricate patterns and designs that reflect the beauty of Matisse's art. The combination of wood and moss creates a unique and striking contrast that adds depth and texture to each piece.

Moss was the first plant to emerge from the ocean and conquer the land. It is a natural indicator of direction, used for navigation as they grow on the north side of trunks in nature. Moss brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your life. Its silence allows you to hear your inner voice.

Using natural materials like wood and moss is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to bring the beauty of nature indoors. The Le Bonheur de Vivre Collection is a testament to the fact that we can honor the work of artists like Matisse and the power of femininity while also being mindful of our impact on the planet.

Le Bonheur de Vivre Collection, inspired by Henri Matisse's art, is a beautiful and unique way to pay tribute to the work of this legendary artist. It showcases the beauty and power of nature, using natural materials to create stunning designs that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. These art pieces are not only beautiful but also serve as a reminder of the importance of honoring and preserving the natural world.

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