Our commissioned moss murals are one-of-a-kind works of art, designed and built to your specifications. Our team will explore your inspiration and work with you to create a custom moss mural that fits your space and your vision. Our commissioned moss murals have a minimum required square footage. Contact us for information.


We have an expanding catalog of moss mural collections, including botanical themed art and nature inspired patterns. These moss murals are made-to-order based on our predetermined designs, and are divided by panels to accommodate distinct wall sizes.


Our team has traveled across the globe to install our signature moss murals. Installation should be completed by trained Plant the Future artisans to ensure longevity, safety, and visual standards.

Our moss murals are built on 1/8″ wood panels that are permanently screwed onto drywall. We utilize two different techniques to interpret images, including CNC-Routing and Moss Cut-Outs.


Our moss murals are mostly recommended for indoor areas. They can also be installed outdoors in covered areas that are protected from water and direct sunlight for short term installations.

Our moss is preserved with non-toxic ingredients to maintain its color and texture for many years without watering or sunlight. Moss murals require periodic touch ups every 3-5 years, which can be completed by our team or with our touch up kit.