3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2019

3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2019

Earth Day is now a global event each year with more than 1 billion people in 192 countries taking part in what is deemed ‘the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.’

It is a day of political action and civic participation. People march, sign petitions, meet with their elected officials, plant trees, clean up their towns and roads. Corporations and governments use it to make pledges and announce sustainability measures. We connect Earth Day with protecting all living things, biodiversity and our one planet – there is no planet B!

At Plant the Future, we promote the biophilic approach. The biophilia hypothesis (also called BET) suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life and we couldn’t agree more. This urge to affiliate with other forms of life has lead to incorporating nature in all aspects of our lives including interior design, landscapes, and leisurely activities.

Earth Day 2019 is Monday, April 22, 2019, and we’re here to give you some ideas on how to celebrate this year’s theme with Earth Day activities that could eventually become a way of life as it has for us.

Through the Earth Day Theme: Protect Our Species Campaign

We must work together to protect threatened and endangered species: bees, coral reefs, elephants, giraffes, insects, whales, and other life forms. Some simple actions you can take as an individual are to adopt a plant-based diet and stop pesticide and herbicide use.

In the case of coral reefs, if you live near a coast, participate in the ‘adopt a coral reef’ program or beach cleanups. You can also use sunscreen that is oxybenzone-free. If you’re landlocked, you can still reduce your plastic use as even garbage from inland landfills can reach the ocean.

Remind yourself of your commitment to one of our most beautiful and important species with our Coral Cactus. The Coral Cactus is a peculiar type of a plant that looks like an underwater coral (not farmed!).  It is incredibly resilient and requires very low maintenance.

Become Energy Efficient through Biophilic Design

At home and at work, encourage those around you to take simple steps to tackle environmental issues by conserving energy. Replacing inefficient incandescent light bulbs with efficient CFLs or LEDs can reduce your carbon footprint by 450 pounds a year. Turn off all electronics you’re not using, including your computer when you leave your desk at the end of the day. Encourage the inclusion of air-purifying plants to add green elements and naturally detoxifying elements to your space.

As employers continue to become more aware of the scientific research, the mental and physical benefits to their workforce and the growth of their bottom line due to sustainability and increased performance, the more important environmentally friendly practices will become in today’s world. At home, consider lighting your immediate space with our Biophilia Candles to save electricity while you eat dinner or chat with loved ones.

Host a ‘Plant a Tree’ Garden Party

Rally your Earth Day network and hug some trees with an eco-friendly Earth Day garden party that gives back to the environment. Support local farmers and use only biodegradable or reusable products to serve food and drink. Let the highlight of the party be to plant a tree together either on your office or home premises. If you’d rather, you can use the party to raise funds and donate to the Canopy Project which aims to reforest the Earth. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that tens of millions of trees have been planted since this project started in 2010.

Incorporate more biotic factors into your home with our Fiddle Leaf Tree. Give it plenty of room and lots of light (but not directly!). The large, dark green leaves (that can grow to be 18” long) resemble the shape of a violin or fiddle and remind you to keep the party going for Earth Day all year long.

Spread Awareness and Appreciate our Little Blue Planet

As Rachel Carson put it, “In nature, nothing exists alone.” We have to work together to preserve our way of life on this planet if we wish to pass it on to future generations. Plant the Future is excited to celebrate Earth Day where the love of plants and their healing effects on us are praised.

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