4 Healing Gifts Filled With Positive Energies

4 Healing Gifts Filled With Positive Energies

Every birthday is a gift, every holiday spent with family is an opportunity to share our energy with with the ones we love. There’s nothing like receiving positive energy from those we care about. After all, a gift consists not only in what is given, but in the intention of the giver.

In a world where people have access to everything, where you’re only a click away from getting exactly what you want, small gifts can have the biggest impact. Crystals and natural elements are a perfect way to share that energy with the ones you love.

Plant The Future has all the right pieces for the right moments. Here are four healing gifts filled with positive energies.

1. Everyday Magic Box

The first piece in today’s list is our Everyday Magic Box. This little white box has all the elements to make a memorable gift. Let’s explore these exquisite fragments and the symbols behind them.

Know someone who needs a little bit of push in the right direction? Get them a crystal for confidence, vitality, and will power. Pyrite feeds ambition, commitment and persistence while promoting positive attitude, resolve and dispelling negativity.

Want your friends and family to find a little tranquility in their lives? Clear Quartz amplifies the energy of all surrounding vibrations. Crystals that purify the mind of worries will help them to find the calm that we all crave at the end of the day.

2. Palo Santo and White Sage

This piece comes from the trunks of trees in the forests of South America- Palo Santo or the “Holy Wood.” For centuries it has been used in many indigenous traditions as incense for relieving, asthma, depression, inflammation, common colds, stress, headaches, emotional pain, anxiety, and more.

The Holy Wood creates a curative smoke and scent used for energetic healing and allows artistry to begin.

White Sage is a sacred and cleansing plant. The spirit of sage is dedicated to offering protection, clearing, and blessings. To unlock the secret properties of this plant, rub the fresh leaves gently between your fingers to release a refreshing, restoring scent.

3. Forest Bath Home Fragrance

Shinrin Yoku or “forest bathing” is a health-enhancing Japanese practice of being in the presence of trees and nature. By taking a forest bath with this scent, you experience a full submersion of the senses and a profound connection with the healing powers of the earth.

Your fragrance arrives packed in a preserved moss bed which represents the calmness and peace of the forest.

4. Biophilia Home Fragrance

Introducing Plant the Future’s original home fragrance. “Biophilia” is the urge to affiliate with the natural world other forms of life. This innate sense is deeply rooted in our biology and felt universally by sentient beings.

The scent incites the ability to connect with plants, light, and the goodness of nature. It is a fragrant song of strength and joy that will nourish the soul.

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