4 Large Terrariums That Make the Perfect Centerpiece

4 Large Terrariums That Make the Perfect Centerpiece

Terrariums are wonderful decorative pieces for contemplation. They celebrate the symbiosis and reciprocity that is natural to all ecosystems, which infuses them with the perfect energy for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. Terrariums make the perfect centerpiece because each one has a unique, organic design. The beautiful asymmetry of layered sand, the popping colors of the cacti, and the soothing, smooth pebbles makes them highly visual pieces that can be rediscovered from any angle.

Let’s explore same large terrariums that make the perfect centerpiece for a wide range of rooms. 

  1. Sophisticated Coffee Table Decoration: Handblown Large Black Terrarium

Large coffee tables and dining rooms can benefit one of the most sophisticated terrariums we offer. This handblown glass terrarium looks wonderful on stands on pedestals and in the center of tables for any room.

Inside, a magical ecosystem lives and grows with a collection of bright cacti, richly layered soil, gravel and pebbles. This low-maintenance plant is one of the easiest ways anyone can begin to develop their green thumb. 

  1. Find the Perfect Colors for Your Space: Handblown Large White Terrarium

Bring clean, bright energy into your space with this handblown, large white terrarium containing a community of succulents, sand, cacti and pebbles. This decorative terrarium is the easiest way to break into the wonderful lifestyle of taking care of living plants, and appreciating the contemplative beauty of indoor gardens. 

  1. Unique, Eye-Catching Indoor Plant Décor: Half Moon Crystal Terrarium

Bring higher awareness and presence of mind to your space with this half-moon shaped terrarium housed in Apophyllite. Apophyllite is considered a window into other worlds. Bring inter-dimensional awareness, purity, and spiritual presence to your space with this terrarium. Enhance mediation rooms, yoga studios, offices or even bedrooms and living rooms with the transcendent power of green life and Apophyllite. 

  1. Fishbowl Terrarium: A Fun Twist on a Classic Decorative Piece

Creativity and decoration is always about reimagining and recombining the work artists have done in the past. What if you could take a familiar shape such as fishbowl, and fill it with an ecosystem instead of the traditional fish and marbles? A sphere is the perfect shape to house an ecosystem because it echoes the shape of heavenly bodies such as planets and stars, such as our very own Earth. Placing a sphere shaped terrarium in your home is a wonderful way to remind ourselves that the earth itself is one big ecosystem and community of living things.

Learn More About The Power and Symbolism of Plants with Guidance from Experts in Artistic Botany

Plant the Future is passionate about the creative process behind decorating with plants. We have helped bring the power and energy of the natural world to a diverse range of spaces ranging from private residences to luxury hotels. 

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