Artisanal Succulent Arrangements Made in Miami

Artisanal Succulent Arrangements Made in Miami

Succulents are beautiful plants that enhance any room. They are simple, easy to care for additions to bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, studios or anywhere you like. An artisanal succulent arrangement can bring a dimension of peace and beauty to your environment. Succulents add life, color, and freshness to any architectural space. They also make the air more rich with oxygen, making you and your guests feel better. While naturally beautiful, succulents take on new subtle personalities and elements when combined with the right presentation. Let’s explore some examples that demonstrate the versatility of succulents when it comes to interior design.

Germany Round Small Succulent from Plant the Future

This single succulent is nestled in a bed of white rocks and gravel, which enhances and amplifies the purple and blue tones of its sharp, thick leaves. The natural shape of the succulent creates a contrast of design. This fixture features sharp leaves against smooth stones and contrasting dark and light tones. Succulent leaves naturally make for flexible design elements. Their multi-tone leaves have many notes of color hidden that can be brought out by different environments.

Miami Sphere with Succulent

This succulent with a spherical pot works in a wide range of environments. You can maintain consistency with other spherical elements of your design, or offer a contrast to an angular location. Simple colors and patterns offer you the flexibility you need to really let your own creativity shine when it comes to interior design.

California Long White Echeverria Succulent Arrangement

Sometimes you need a slightly longer element for design. This elegant oblong succulent display will look wonderful on tables, large window sills, and anywhere you want to add a light, fresh feeling to your environment. The simple white pot lets you play with different design contexts to find one that works for you and your style.

Germany Boat Green Garden

This beautiful indoor succulent display is like a mini garden. It contains cacti and succulents of various shapes and sizes. This is fantastic for some sort of central display because it looks excellent from all angles. You can play with the natural contrasting shapes of the plants to find the best place to position it. It also makes a good center display because it grows best when it is placed in indirect sunlight.

California Rectangle Succulent Display

This combination succulent garden can be appreciated from any angle. It makes an excellent choice for table tops, central kitchen counters, bars, or poolside decks. The shapes and colors of the succulents play off each other in a natural and eye-catching way. Note the varying heights of the plants. Note how the sharp leaves and round stones contrast with each other. The asymmetry of this piece is what makes it so perfect for central displays. Asymmetry is a powerful design technique because as the viewer circles the piece, he or she discovers new characteristics and elements of it. It’s a way of capturing the viewer’s attention over and over again.

How to Find the ideal Succulent Display for Your Home or Business

Finding the right succulent display requires accounting for a number of factors. You have to know your location, purpose, budget and maintenance intentions whenever you purchase a succulent. If you have any questions, we here at Plant the Future put our services at your disposal. We have a significant amount of experience with helping people bring their plant design dreams to life. We are passionate about helping you express yourself through botanical arrangements..


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