Best Indoor Plants for Minimalist Interior Design

Best Indoor Plants for Minimalist Interior Design

What is the core of minimalism? What does it imply, emotionally and how do indoor plants fit into this concept? The answer begins with understanding that minimalism is an aesthetic of focus. It’s an artistic vision driven towards emphasizing what is truly important and leaving space for your own priorities. When you integrate this mode of being with botanical art, you convey:

  •  Harmony with nature
  •  Acknowledgment of the reciprocity of plant and human life
  •  A celebration of the colors and textures of Earth

Minimalism means choosing planters that feature a clean, simple design. This conveys a sense of purity and “breathing room,” which is perfect for plants, which naturally enrich their environments both biologically, by releasing oxygen, and psychologically, with calming green colors.

Elegant Indoor Plant in a Milano Tube – Janet Craig: Minimalist Design for Maximum Effect

This elegant Milano tube plant is one of the best examples of minimalist design. Due to its slender nature, this plant can bring life and natural color to just about any setting you want to spruce up.

Minimalist Planter; Minimalist Plant- Milano Low Bowl Small White Creus Peruvianus

This peruvian cacti garden is a multi-layered exploration of minimalism. You get a beautifully simple bowl with a plant that exhibits the true essence of minimalism through its natural lifestyle. Cacti grow in deserts, which demand minimalism with all resources except, perhaps, heat and sunshine. That means that this plant can grow with just a little bit of time and attention.

Fun, Easy Plant for Interior Design: Milano Cylinder Dracaena Arborea

This dracaena arborea is a celebration of minimalism. Its narrow, gentle, spear-shaped leaves and simple, the straight stalk is one of the best natural examples of minimalist design you could hope to find.

Minimalist Indoor Plant Perfect for Any Room: Ficus Lyrata Standard

Planted in a white container with smooth white pebbles around it, this Ficus Lyrata is a symbol of wisdom, family traditions, and all things that last when you strip away so many of the extraneous, distracting details that can make life feel cluttered and overwhelming. That is the core of minimalist design, and this plant brings these relatable priorities to any setting with remarkable versatility. It can thrive indoors or outdoors, and last long enough to form a true bond with the humans that own it and nurture it.

Expert Guidance to Help You Bring Plants to Your Minimalist Interior Design

Plant the Future has brought its expertise with botanical art and interior design to a diverse range of locations from personal residences to luxury hotels. If these plants intrigue you, we would be happy to help you explore these options and many more. All plants are available in the Miami Metro area with free delivery included. We love to help people bring their creative visions to life, particularly when it comes to how minimalism can help them express themselves, and reorganize the energy and focus of a space. 

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