Cool Indoor Plants That Can Thrive In Low Light

Cool Indoor Plants That Can Thrive In Low Light

One of the best ways to choose indoor plants that will stay lively in almost any circumstances is to find some that thrive with indirect sunlight. This is the best way to create a beautiful relationship between human habitats and nature inside your home. These plants give you an incredible range of options when it comes to interior design. You get the flexibility you need to find that perfect location that needs a pop of life and color. Let’s explore some plant options that give you the freedom to express your creativity and design your space any way you want.

Staghorn Fern On Acrylic Disk: A Low-Maintenance Way to Brighten Any Setting

The Platycerium, also known as the Staghorn or Elkhorn fern, is an excellent example of a decorative plant that works best when it is not in direct sunlight. These plants are native to locations such as Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia. You can celebrate the natural beauty of rainforests by bringing the arching fronds that extend out from a central focal point into your home. The best setting for the Staghorn fern is any wall where it can be allowed to grow and prosper.

Caring for Your Indoor Staghorn Fern

Caring for this plant is simple enough. All you need to do is take the disk from its hanging place and bring it to the sink to be drenched in water. Let the moss in the back of the plant soak up the water, and it drips dry for about 10 to 15 minutes before returning it to the wall. Typically watering every week is best.

Dracaena Torch: An Elegant Indoor Plant that Thrives Indoors

This slim white Milano tube dracaena is perfect for any setting. It’s narrow enough to fit in bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways, and any nook that needs to be freshened up with a touch of greenery. The narrow leaves of this plant infuse any space with life-giving energy and a sense of alert focus. You can use this plant to brighten up any room in a business, hotel, spa or gym with relative ease. It doesn’t need much sunlight to thrive, which lets you explore as many possibilities as you would live when you’re working with this plant.

How to Find More Indoor Plants That Sunlight with Help from Botanical Art Experts in South Florida

Plant the Future has helped a diverse range of places develop their creative visions and bring refreshing colors and elements to their spaces. Whether you have a high-end resort, a private residence, or a single tabletop you want to get creative with, we believe everyone can integrate nature into their lives for a healthier, more beautiful, holistic improvement to their wellbeing. 

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