Creative ideas to introduce biophilia into your home

Creative ideas to introduce biophilia into your home

Biophilia is becoming increasingly popular, not only because added touches of nature in your space look beautiful, but also because of its health benefits. As you may already know, and if you have been reading our blog, biophilia serves to relax your mind and body, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It is also known to improve your mood and make you happier, more grounded and connected to everything around you.

However, coming up with creative ideas on how to incorporate biophilia into your home might not be as easy, so we want to give you a few fun and stylish options so you can, too, enjoy the benefits of surrounding your space with nature.

Build a vertical garden

This is something that has been very popular lately because it is very eye-catching, it looks sophisticated and it just makes any space come to life. The options with vertical gardens are infinite: you can use succulents and make it colorful, or maybe different types or ferns and give your space jungle vibes, or maybe even do a mix of green leafy plants and orchids, for something more elegant.

Moss wall

Maybe you are into the idea of a living wall, but you don’t necessarily want to commit to the upkeep that they have. In this case a moss wall is for you. For our moss walls we use different varieties of natural, preserved moss, which means that maintenance will be minimal. They only require misting with water every so often. The other thing to look out for is that they need receive only indirect light. Direct sunlight will eventually discolor your moss or burn it. Other than that, you are pretty much set for a while.


Buying regular planters might seem easier and more accessible. However, it may have not even occurred to you that you can pretty much use anything as a planter. At Plant The Future we like to be very creative and use different figurines and animal sculptures as planters. The use of animal sculptures is a great way to incorporate natural shapes into your space. This will not only bring biophilia into your space, but will make it more unique.

Wall textures

If the idea of a green wall is not for you, maybe you want to explore other options that add texture to your walls. The idea will be to select natural materials that give the space an organic or earthy feel. Plant The Future offers options like bark and mushrooms. They don’t require any kind of maintenance, but they provide peace and harmony to the space.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are a very fun way to utilize the space you have available to the max. By using the ceiling and corners of your home, you are making the most out of your space. This approach gives several points of interest, embellishing every single area. Get a variety of hanging plants for a touch of fun. Another option is to make it more monotone for a more sophisticated and elegant look. This can be achieved by using a single variety of plants.

Plant The Future helps you build your dream home, while incorporating the beauty and wisdom that plants have to offer. We bring nature to you through biophilic design, to improve your life and help you live healthier and happier.


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