Creative moss accents for your home

Creative moss accents for your home

Moss walls are beautiful and creative. They add a touch of surprise and greenery, plus it maximizes the use out of your space, giving you more arena to play with. On top of this, they are calming to the body and the mind, as it puts you in direct contact with nature every day, which is what biophilia is about. However, you might be thinking you want to build your moss wall in a fun way, that feels more creative and unexpected.

Today we want to show you a few ideas in how you can create a moss wall that feels unique, while still bringing biophilia into your home in a way that can help you reap its benefits.

Moss Tubes

This is a great option if you want to add dimension to an otherwise more minimalistic, more simple moss wall. It consists on adding tubes of moss hanging from the ceiling the way we did for our project for 111 Leroy Street in New York. This was you can have a more dimensional design that not only looks more intricate, but takes advantage of the space that would be left unused.

Moss Mural

If you want to bring biophilia into your home, but you want to incorporate more art into it, this is perfect. At Plant The Future, we offer customized moss murals, which means that you can choose any art piece you want and turn it into a moss mural, or you can have us design one for you based on your specifications and guidelines. These pieces are great for big spaces like an indoor pool area, or your living-room, or just about any wall. 

Moss Chandeliers

Technically, this is not a moss wall, but it is moss hanging vertically. Just like a moss wall, this is a really good way to add color and dimension to a space that is usually left unused. These come in two different sizes, perfect to fit into different spaces, or stack them one of top of the other for a layered effect.

Moss Accents

This option is great for you if you don’t want something too conspicuous or that will be the center of attention of the room. It is about creating small, yet striking accents of moss in unexpected areas. This adds texture, color and points of interest to a room, making it look more stylish and thought-out.


Something really great about moss walls is how impressive they are, how much greenery they add and how much life they bring into a room. However, something even greater is how low-maintenance they are. Moss should be out of direct sunlight and rain to avoid fading and requires no regular maintenance, besides a light spray of water to refresh and fluff the moss after shipping or installation, and whenever it stars to look a bit dull.


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