Garden Figurines: 4 Truly Unique Animal Sculptures

Garden Figurines: 4 Truly Unique Animal Sculptures

Animals have served as symbolism and companions for human beings since ancient times. Plants have served as shelter and nourishment for humanity since our earliest days. You can combine the powerful spiritual energy of animals with the bright, nourishing presence of plants by adding a unique animal sculpture with a garden figurine to your home.

Let’s explore the meaning and symbolism behind a selection of fun animal plants.


  1. Walking Horse Juncea Airplant: A Symbol of Wild Spirits and Freedom

Horses are the companions of free, wild spirits. They are swift couriers who have been side by side with people for as long as we have worked and explored the earth. Their wild energy makes them the perfect companion for a lightweight air plant, such as in this Juncea horse figurine. This figurine symbolizes how the horse unites and traverses both air and earth, two powerful natural symbols.


  1. Lamb Garden: Pastoral Peace, Protective Care, and More Ancient Symbolism

A lamb makes the perfect companion to a garden, as in this lamb garden figurine. Lambs have been a part of farm life for human beings since our earliest pastoral days. They are symbols of innocence, and purity; they are bringers of peace. This white figurine, with its cozy coat and adorable face, will bring all of these elements with it when it joins your garden.


  1. Seal Garden: Symbols Of Depth, Creativity and Contemplation

Seals are divers. They appear relaxed on land, but then plunge into the depths of the sea to bring back nourishment. This has made them a symbol of creativity and imagination. The seal is the perfect companion for an art studio, or perhaps a home office. This seal garden belongs in a place you want to fill with relaxed energy where you can plumb the depths of your focus and imagination.


  1. Fox Garden: Energy, Guidance and Good Luck

Foxes have been known to be symbols of good luck when they appear. That’s because these bright, intelligent creatures are rarely seen, making each sighting feel like a treat, or special surprise. They act as guides towards good luck, and as such, this fox figurine garden is a wonderful addition to any living room, office, bedroom or anywhere you feel like injecting a little positivity and quick-spirited energy.

Discover More About Plant and Animal Symbolism with Expert Artistic Guidance

Plant the Future’s team of artists and experts in botanical design and symbolism are eager to help you bring your vision to life. If you have connected with any of the animals above, or want to know more about the fixtures we offer, we would be happy to have a conversation with you. We love the creative process, and we love helping people bring plant and animal energy into their homes.

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