How to Create an Urban Jungle in Your City Apartment

How to Create an Urban Jungle in Your City Apartment

Celebrating the natural world through art and design can be an incredible way to deepen the emotional connection you feel with your home, work or meditation space. Even in a city apartment, you can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits that come with creating an urban jungle in your space. Urban jungles are a popular trend in indoor design because of the therapeutic peace they bring to the people who inhabit them. Filling your apartment with green life and biological energy can be a cure to living in a city far off from natures. It can serve as a reminder to yourself and others of the importance of preserving and celebrating the beauty of nature.

The Emotional and Mental Benefits of Having an Urban Jungle in Your Apartment

One of the best reasons to create a small urban jungle in your apartment is the powerful emotional connection you can develop with plants that are a part of your living space. Green plant life projects a sense of serenity, focus, and calm. More than just décor, they become a part of any of your wellbeing. These simple creatures offer quiet companionship, and you can develop a meditative routine of watering them, breathing in their fresh, sweet aromas, and enjoying the peaceful sound of wind through an open window rustling them.

The Best Way to Create Your Urban Jungle? Start Simple

Simple pieces are a great way to get yourself to accustomed to living with plants. Ideally, if you have no experience, your best bet is looking for a plant that is easy to care for such as a cactus. Cacti are the touch little troopers of the plant world. Because they are used to desert environments, they are very efficient with water and nutrients. This makes them great friends to beginner plant enthusiasts and experts alike.

Infuse Your Jungle with a Unique Character Through Durable, Adorable Figurines

You can always add character to your apartments interior plant-scape with some creative figurines. These add the fun-filled presence of horses, foxes, gnomes, and other characters depending on which style is best for your personality. The best thing about many of these figurines is that they come with full gardens, making them a great start to a thriving plant collection.

Learn More About Turning Your Urban Apartment into a Garden Jungle

If you’re interested in learning more about how to transform your environment into a lush, urban jungle, get in touch with Plant the Future. As botanical art experts, we have helped innumerable people express their passion for the natural world through design and art. If you are brand new to plants, we would be happy to help answer all your questions about selection and maintenance. If you are an expert with a green thumb, we look forward to helping you find unique additions to your space.

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