How-to: Spring decor with plants

How-to: Spring decor with plants

With spring around the corner it is a good time to do the good old spring cleaning and add a few new decorations to your home. A good organization and reset session will uplift the spirits and set you in the right mood. If you are not up for doing a major redecoration work, add plants! They change the feel of a room instantly and it’s a very easy solution that requires barely any work.

The idea behind interior design is to make things practical and aesthetically pleasing for us, and that’s exactly the role plants have. Plants clean the air, decontaminate our spaces, improve our mental and physical health and, as if that wasn’t enough, they add a little touch of magic to any space. All of these factors make them the perfect Spring addition to liven up your home. 

If you want to add beautiful accents of plants come spring, we have some tips for you.

Choose earthy and light colored containers

Spring is all about life, freshness, brightness and light colors. Keep this in mind when you are choosing your plants and planters for your spring decor. You want to include natural materials, like wood or moss, into your space that mimics life in nature, as this will make your house fresh and beautiful, but it will also enhance the benefits of your biophilic design. Good options are wooden containers, like our Tulum Planter, which is a stunning piece for any home, that will add a touch of sophistication and earthiness; or maybe you want something with an artsy feel, and our Kokedama Swiss Cheese Totem is a beautiful option to give brightness and impact to a room. 

Stay consistent

To keep things looking clean and streamlined, like they have been done intentionally, is good to keep consistency with the plants you choose. Maybe your theme this spring could be something more rustic and boho-chic, in which case cacti would look beautiful in your space. As an added bonus, not only they look amazing, but they are incredibly low maintenance, making your life a lot easier. At out online shop we have a big variety of cacti, including stunning cacti gardens like our Tokyo Bowl, or maybe something a bit more playful like our Stormtrooper Garden.

Use orchids

Nothing screams spring like flowers. Flowers are lively, colorful, smell incredible and they bring life and happiness everywhere they go. We love orchids as an option for flowers because, if you take good care of them, they will last forever, and the flowers will bloom every spring reminding you it’s finally here. The Phalaenopsis Orchid represents feminine energy in its maximum equilibrium and remind us to honor our first mother, mother earth. In our website you can find an array of orchid arrangements for every home. 

Add a striking moss wall

This is the ultimate Spring decoration! What could possibly scream Spring like a big, green, lush wall? Not much else. They bring so much life and happiness, all while improving your physical and mental health. They are also quite unexpected and artsy, which gives a “wow factor” to the space. If you like the idea of moss, but want to take a step further, you can browse our website for our Moss Art pieces that mix nature and art beautifully. 

At Plant the Future we help you with biophilic design and landscaping projects for your home, office and any other space you want to bring the life and beauty of plants into. You can come to our gallery today, or make an appointment to talk to one of our specialists to guide you through the process of creating you dream Spring décor.

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