How to use plants in modern interior design

How to use plants in modern interior design

Plants don’t really tend to be a priority when it comes to interior design, mainly because they require upkeep and, for some, those efforts may yield unsuccessful results. However, plants can really bring a room to life and make it feel more vibrant and homey. They are also beneficial to our health and improve our overall quality of life, which is what Biophilic Design is all about. To have a successful experience decorating your house using plants while maintaining a modern aesthetic, there are a few things that you should take into account:

 Analyze your space

There will always be weaker and stronger points in a room. Walk around your space, locate both and see what areas could use brightening up. Usually more somber areas are the ones that could use more lively elements to make it appear brighter and happier. Orchids are a great option for these types of spaces, as they add a lot of impact, while still being very modern and minimal. This is when plants come into play, because they add a touch of color to an otherwise dull space. Choose corners and small spaces where pieces of art wouldn’t normally fit, and choose a plant that adapts well to that space. For very narrow and tall spaces you can choose something like our Janet Craig plants; or maybe you want something small but very eye-catching, such as our Stormtrooper Garden.

Don’t clutter your space

Even though you might be tempted to fill up every little corner with tons of plants, we would actually advise you to leave some room for the space to breathe and flow, which goes hand in hand with modern interior design. Choose the placement of your plants more strategically, taking into account what we mentioned in the point above, and try to look the room as a whole, as opposed to honing into one small area. At Plant The Future we offer Biophilic Design services for your space. If you would like to speak to one of our team members for customized plant recommendations, we encourage you to make a gallery appointment with us.

Asses lighting and humidity

Now that you have selected the specific areas where you want to place your plants, it’s time to analyze the levels of brightness and humidity in your space. This will help you narrow down the plants that will actually survive in your space, as they tend to thrive in areas with specific levels of light and humidity. Choosing the right plant for the right area will make it last a lot longer, make its upkeep easier and keep it looking fresh.

Choose the style of plant

Now it’s time to have some fun! Select the style of plant that will help you achieve those clean, sleek lines that align with modern interior design; or maybe you want to interrupt the design a bit and choose something on the wilder side, like our Ponytail Palms. If the former is the case, we would advise you to choose a plant with a more modern container. We also recommend choosing a wide variety of plants as this will increase the benefits of biophilic design.

Choose different patterns and colors

Something that will give your design a lot of dimension will be choosing plants with different colors, patterns and structures. For example, a darker plant will anchor a brighter space; or maybe you want to add a touch of art to a rather dull area, so a terrarium would add that wow factor as they have a sculptural element to them.


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